Stu’s World LXVII

It’s been two weeks and I have still not seen hide not hair of Kyle 😥

I guess the rains from the hurricane that weekend had him move on from Monroe. My prayer is that he got a small glimpse of God that day we chatted and that he is safe…wherever he may be.

Angie and I hardly talk anymore😭😭 And when we do it is way too short of a conversation. She is simply too busy taking care of herself and her parents. So she will call when she is running errands and then her mom will call, like with some kind of intuition, and we have to end our call. Her mom’s always done that. Angie can’t be gone more than fifteen minutes without her mom calling for something.

Neither parent can be left alone to tend for themselves. It’s like she has two babies again…her words.

I wish I could share all that is going on so you could understand the true strain she is under. Maybe one day…

She has another biopsy coming up. Her auto immune system is so whacked😥

We believe she has had all these problems for years but we’re never diagnosed as some tests are not done until a person reaches a certain age. Which I disagree with honestly. Some things should not wait until a person is in the forties to be checked. If a person is having problems check EVERYTHING then and there to rule out certain health issues. Geez…

But anyway. Life after hurricane weather makes us extremely busy at work. There are twice as many salesmen as there are yard workers so we are still drastically understaffed. And they wonder why we are like ok I’ve seen you enough for one day…go back in your cage. They now know my look of leave me alone.

We have a wait time of an hour and a half for customer trailer loading. I do my tickets in the order I get them. Sometimes they are small ones and I can do two at once and carry them both out front and load them quickly. But for the most part it’s an hour at minimum.

I had to tell one salesman Friday to have his customer go to lunch and come back because the order I was working on at moment was a three hour job. Oh, was he upset.

It’s just so stressful at times…ughhh.

And I still go to sleep when I get to the house. Wake up eat, take a bath and go right back to sleep.

This was Brandon’s weekend to stay with me😊😊😊

I managed to stay awake till 10 Friday night so we chatted for a few hours while he ate his Chinese food I got him.

I had to work Saturday and was asleep when he got here around 2 so he just jumped on Roblox until I woke up. He loves that game. He has such fun playing with his friends. I much rather he play that than fortnite. Even his behavior has changed since he switched games.

We had some brownies. It was supposed to be two for me and two for him…but Muffin decided she wanted one. So she claimed it…


Speaking of Muffin…this cat is bonkers. But at least she is trained to a degree…lol.

Brandon wanted to take her outside to show his mom how much she has grown. She jumps out of the car on my shoulders and then to the ground. Brandon starts freaking out Daddy she’s gonna run away or get under the house. I’m like nah and pat my pants leg and say come here. She runs to my leg, jumps on and we just walk in the house together. No chasing or anything😊

That’s all I guess for this Stu’s World…though a lot more did happen but I have to save some things for later on😊

Have a blessed week and remember to pray for one another. Because for every question of “are you okay” there is an answer of “I’m fine” when in actuality they are dealing with a lot of crap…

6 thoughts on “Stu’s World LXVII”

    1. Thank you Kathy. I look forward to all your comments. They all bring me joy, some make me re-read a verse or two😊 but each one does let me know that you care. And I truly am grateful. We have made some wonderful friends, brothers and sister here on WordPress have we not💕

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