Yes, We All Need To Recharge

If you have ever owned a flashlight, you know the batteries need changing or put on to charge in order to supply the power needed for the light when you push the button.

Even though a low battery can still allow you to see somewhat, the brightness of a fully charged battery is amazing.

This world is a dark place and in many areas it is a very dark place. We have a calling from God, Himself, to carry our light into the world so that others may see.

We are the light of the world!

And trust me…we need our batteries charged often!!

Our power source for recharging our battery can be worship, fellowship with other believers, but the most powerful source is the Bible and prayer.

We must get into the Word of God for our lights to be charged. We must study to show ourselves proved.

We must pray daily for the Lord to minister through us by ours words and our actions. That way, His light, may shine brightly, through us, for those around us to see it.

And just like moths to the flame, people will be drawn to that light.

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