So Awesome To Watch God Move

Today after work I was walking to the store across the street. As I was passing the building before the store a young man asked if he could buy a cigarette.

I, of course, offered him one at no cost to him. I can’t charge a fellow smoker for a cigarette! That’s nuts. So I walk up to him open the pack so he can get one out. He asked if I could get it since he had just removed his socks. I smiled and said well I have been working with treated lumber all day. So both of are hands are germ ridden. Here just take the pack. I’m going to buy another pack anyway.

He smiled. I asked if he needed a lighter or anything. He response caught me off guard. He said no, I just need someone to talk to.

I said well let me go to store and I’ll be right back and we can chat.

I go to the store. Buy 2 pack of cigarettes, my Starbucks double shot mocha and a bottled water for my new friend.

Once outside again I hand the young man, Kyle, his water and we start talking. He shares with me his story😭

Kyle has been walking from town to town for the past six weeks. Getting little odd jobs here and there to support himself.

He was recently robbed at gun point up in Arkansas. They took all his money, close to 400 and his cell phone😥

His story is what started the God chat…

Last year he and his wife lost their baby. Their son took 5 breaths outside the womb and died😭

It is said that a child’s death will either bring the spouses closer together or place a huge wedge between them. It appears the wedge had sunk in deep. His wife cheated on him six weeks ago.

He left and has been walking ever since. He doesn’t know where he is going. Poor Kyle.

We started talking about how God opens and closes doors after I suggested going back home to reconcile. He said no. I needed this humbling experience. God has humbled in this month long journey.

Come to find out Kyle is a painter by trade. So I suggested he find a room for the night (forgetting he was just robbed two days ago) and come by my work tomorrow morning.

I pointed across the street and said that lumberyard has hundreds of contractors coming and going every day. Come see me in the morning and I will introduce you to a few of them and you can ask if they need a painter.

Then the owner of the building drives up. I guess because I was standing there he was nice to a homeless guy. Didn’t run him off like he has done in the past to others.

He just asked Kyle to not leave any trash on the ground and be gone by 8:30 in the morning when they open for business. It’s a hair styling school.

Kyle jumps up and gives his name saying sir, since you are a business owner do you know anyone that needs a painter?

And lo and behold, since the last hurricane they have done nothing to the school. So, Lawrence said yes I do know someone and that is me. I smile…

Lawrence said I want to repaint this building. Can you do the job? Kyle said yes sir. Painting is my life. I’ve been doing since high school.

Lawrence then said I will be here Friday morning at 830. If you are here we will give you a haircut, if you want one, and then we will start to work.

I pat Kyle on the shoulder and go there’s your door are you going to walk through it?

He looked at me and then back at Lawrence and smiled and said yes! I will be here. I just have to find something to do to keep me busy for day. Lawrence then drives away and I start walking to my ride.

I turn back and gave Kyle some cash to get a hotel room so he could take a shower and get real sleep. He gave half of it back saying this is enough. I don’t want you to be hurting for cash. I’m like I get paid Friday, I’m good. He would not take it back.

So, as I was heading back to my ride I see Lawrence parked on the other side of the building on the phone. I waited and then walked up to the window…

Lawrence, I just want to thank you. He looked at me strangely. I said Kyle and I were just talking about how God will open and close doors seconds before your drove up. He said bro, I have been in his shoes. God has blessed me I’m just paying it forward😊

What a joy it was to witness all of this and to be able to hear Kyle’s story!

Hopefully when I look across the street Friday morning I will see Kyle painting away…

Please pray for Kyle for the next few days please for protection and guidance.

Thanks guys!

26 thoughts on “So Awesome To Watch God Move”

  1. Man, this was a blessing to read! I love so much you walk your faith, move like the body of Christ should. I’m a proud sister in faith of my brothers right now. Awed at how our Father moves. I’m praying for Kyle and I’m praying for his wife, over their grief, for understanding, forgiveness, reconciliation, comfort, healing. Thanking Him for you too.

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    1. Laura, I am so glad this blessed you😊 I almost didn’t share this as I felt some would be like Stu’s bragging or something like that. Then I thought about more. We need more true stories like this one…especially amongst all the bad news we get from other sources.

      I was so blessed to be at the right place at the right time.

      Thank you for praying for Kyle and his wife💕

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  2. Stu, this just touched my heart! We can never go wrong giving. It’s a blessing to me every single time I am blessed to pay it forward. Will be praying for Kyle! And God bless your kind heart, Stu.

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    1. Oh Renee, I am so glad this has touched your heart😊 Thanks for praying for Kyle. I am praying he will show up to paint Friday and I can write some more about him later😊


  3. Wow. THIS, Stu, is the work of the Kingdom!! This is what looking after one another really looks like! I’ll definitely pray for Kyle. But I pray God blesses you A HUNDRED FOLD for your time and everything else that you “spent” this day. What a blessing to hear the story and be a part of this mighty prayer chain ❤

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