No, She Does Not Owe You Anything!

Since the message I received this morning about a young girl being sexually forced into sex has been on my mind all day…

Let me brutally honest and blunt here…

Single ladies:

Contrary to the thoughts of young men today you owe him nothing for taking you out to dinner other than thank you.

Last time I checked a dinner date was meant to get to know someone emotionally not physically.

If you kiss him, hold his hand, hug him, or even give him a massage and he becomes excited does not mean you are obligated to have sex with him.

If he says if you love me you will give me a hand job, a blow job or have sex with me…🤔🤔…leave his butt right then! He does not want you! He wants something he is not man enough to wait for!

Single guys:

K, you’ve taken her out to eat. Congrats! You are getting to know her. Do not go further! She does not owe you a blow job or sex for a dinner date…get it?

You’ve kissed her, held her close and have become aroused. Good, everything is in working order! But just because you have become aroused does not mean you have to have sex with her.

She does not have to give you anything sexually to get you back to “normal”. Get it?

If you both chose to have sex DO NOT attempt to force the other into anything they feel uncomfortable doing…EVER!!

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