Sunday Music: Stryper | Even The Devil Believes

Stryper’s new album recently came out and let me tell you that there is NOT a single song on here that I do not like. It is on constant repeat at work and when the headphones need to be recharged I find myself singing several of the choruses in my head or out loud 😊

My bosses son heard it from my phone the other day and was like wow hair metal. I said yeah but not your 80’s hair metal this actually kicks butt. Then I drove off playing the drums and he laughed. He goes only if you had hair🤣

So let’s break this down song by son shall we…

First we have Blood From Above

What a way to open an album!!! Rocking! I love the fact that despite the 35 years of writing songs for Stryper Michael and company continue putting Christ in their lyrics. And what better way to put Christ in a song than to describe the love, mercy and grace that flowed from the blood from above on the cross for you and me!

Make Love Great Again

Talk about a song for the here and now!!! Hope IS alive. It NEVER dies! And that hope is found in the love of Christ and we need to share it. And not just to the Antifa goofballs, the BLM folks, the KKK or even you estranged brother or ex-husband/wife but to everyone…young and old. This is my fav!

Let Him In

This song is giving the gospel! Love it!! There’s a comment on this video from a fan that says thank you for sharing Jesus I accepted Him in 25 years ago!

Do Unto Others

This is my second favorite song off the album. And I love how Micheal gives kuddos to Oz for not wasting a day! Despite his brain tumors (Oz and his wife Annie could use some prayers) has not wasted a single day😊 For me it’s just a continuation of Make Love Great Again. We should all do unto others as we would have them do unto us.

Even The Devil Believes

Pretty much self explanatory. The signs are everywhere and yet we choose not to see the truth.

How To Fly

A little love song from God😊


This song is like a locomotive screaming down the tracks. That opening riff gets me everytime.

This I Pray

This could be my favorite song on the whole album but it’s in third at moment. I’ve always love the ballads.

Invitation Only

This song takes me back to the album In God We Trust but the way it should have been produced. 80s feel totally. Reminds me a little of Dokken.

For God And Rock ‘n’ Roll

I see this one being the new concert staple. It’s a rock anthem and a shout out to God after all.

Middle Finger Messiah

This song was written because a concert goer at one of their shows kept using his middle finger. If memory serves me right Michael even stopped the show and addressed the issue. But if you consider how totally against God this culture has become and how easily they literally say screw you I don’t need your Jesus…the song makes a whole heck of sense! And it rocks!!

Alright, there we have it! Even The Devil Believes is OFFICIALLY my favorite Stryper album to date!

Now to find a physical copy somewhere!

Photos courtesy of Dennis Lowes with permission! Thanks brother! I love em!!

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