Stu’s World LXVI

Hey everyone. This one will be short and sweet.

My life is still far from boring but at the same time it is so freaking boring. Anyone else feel that way?

Angie’s mom and dad are both out of the hospital now. Praise God. But please still continue in prayer for the whole family. Things could get better or they could get worse at any moment. Especially with her dad. He has lost like 35 lbs and weighs about as much as I do now. Not good.

Angie and I barely talk as she just does not have the time. Having to take care of both parents, juggle dr appointments for them and herself😥 She keeps me updated via text and I will then forward the message in the Stu abridged version to our friends in a group text. I can’t just copy and paste as there are things texted that is only for me to know.

In the last month since all this started we have talked maybe a total of like 3 hours. That use to be our conversation time whenever we were on the phone. Just the other day she was saying how she missed our talks. I miss them too but am very thankful for the little texts throughout the week like 🤗🥰😘 That’s all I need and I know she’s ok😊

The kittens name is officially Muffin instead of socks or mayhem. Brandon said they look like little muffins instead of socks so I said ok.

A very good use for a fidget spinner😊

I did have Brandon all weekend last week. From Friday to Monday as they gave us Saturday off to recover from all the hard work. I personally would have rather worked. I need the money but having the day off felt real good too!

And I know Brandon thoroughly enjoyed being away from his mom. I know that’s hard to read from some of y’all but according to him he wants nothing more than to live with me. It just can’t happen right now. I’m not in a good enough place nor do I have a vehicle so it’s out of the question at moment.

Oh yeah, that splinter that was stuck in my arm for over a week finally came out on its own…well kinda. I got hit by another board in the same place on my arm. It hurt but I kept on working. Later as I was banding up my load I look at my arm nonchalantly and there is a huge thing of puss. So I squeeze it to get all the puss out and then I see the splinter. I pulled it out. It was an inch long. My arm immediately stopped hurting. Thank you Jesus!

Well that’s all for today I guess. I need to go check my Township game and get ready for bed. Plus Angie said she would call after she out her dad to bed.

Have a great week everyone!

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