The Bond Of 3 Cords | Part 2

Here is Part 2 of my series entitled The Bonds Of 3 Cords that I wrote back in 2018.

I am resharing this series as the topic of accountability is still needed!

Something to Stu Over

In part one, I mentioned that I would be discussing the aspect of finding someone to stand by your side by being your accountability partner.

The only way I can do that, of course, is from my own personal experiences…

True accountability was not something I truly understood when I started my recovery from porn. I knew about Covenant Eyes, but that was just software accountability, right?

You know to let your chosen few know you looked at porn…not prior to…but after..when it was to late to intervene and you already fell to the temptation. Your “accountability” partner found out later…if they checked their emails.

Don’t get me wrong I fully support Covenant Eyes. So much so that I am an affiliate of theirs. It has changed so much for the better of the years.


An accountability partner is so different than an app.

An accountability partner…

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