In Loving Memory Of Matthew Kirkhart

Dear Matthew,

Matthew Kirkhart

Just wanted to write this for your mom, brothers, and friends.

I have heard so many loving stories of your life while you were here on this earth from your mom and I wish I had the honor of knowing you personally. But the Lord called you home before I had that chance. And that is ok. For I know beyond a shadow of a doubt where you are….you are where, if we were all honest with ourselves, want to be…home..and I know that I will get to meet you there.

Matthew, your life impacted so many. And for that I praise God. The stories of your selfless acts of kindness to others, your genuine love for others, your love for God and your love for your family will be memories that many will carry their whole life.

God will continue to impact others through the example you gave as they reflect of your time here.

Your mom is a very special lady Matthew. Your brothers are special young men, too. Your friends that had the honor of knowing you are special as well…because they had the honor and privilege of seeing God’s light in you.

My prayer is that your friends will take that light and share it as you did. That your beautiful smile is reflected in theirs when they reach out to others. That they do not cry over the loss of your friendship but they smile for having had it.

I love your mom Matthew and I love your brothers. I pray for them daily for peace, comfort, healing and yes even joy.

Your eternal brother,

Originally written February 16, 2014

Today is Matthew’s 8th year angelversary. Please be in prayer for his mom…Angie

*Written tonight*

Today marks 8 years since you left this mortal plane we call Earth Matthew, leaving behind your two brothers, your grandparents, your friends and your mom to carry on their journey in life without you physically here. There is not a single day that you are not missed or thought of by those who loved you.

Cherished memories abound in the lives of the many lives you touched while God blessed them with your presence!

I pray that even now those memories bring a smile to their face as they reflect on your friendship with them.

I know they do for your family.

As you celebrate your 8th year of being in the presence of the Lord I pray that as you look down upon those who loved you and smile that they can feel the warmth of that smile.

4 thoughts on “In Loving Memory Of Matthew Kirkhart”

  1. Reblogged this on Something to Stu Over and commented:

    Today marks 9 years years since the Lord called this amazing young man home. There is not a day that goes by that he is not missed by Angie, his brothers or his friends. A baby was born recently to a friend of his and they named him Matthew😊

    His memory forever living on!


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