Stu’s World LXIV

Allow me to share a few things with you all please…
Do you know how hard it is to type when you have a kitten jumping at your thumbs while you are trying to type🤣🤣

I will start with work. My head has healed nicely. But…Friday there was a small incident that had me thinking I broke my foot.

I was pulling a nice size order that had some long beams in it. I always start with the longest and work to the smallest. It fits easier on the trucks this way, but anyway. I had 17 2x6x24’s, 25 2x6x20’s on my lift and was in the process of pulling the 2x6x18’s when a salesman asked me to stop and load a customer that was out front.

Originally I declined saying if I put this load down it will not go well. But he came back to me a second time. Seems everyone else was busy…duh!!

So I set my order down. I didn’t have to move far as the person needed 2x6x18. So I’m standing there pulling his order and another forklift operator rounds the corner in reverse. Normally not an issue, but now there are 24 foot long boards blocking his way. He makes it through only to turn the wheel too sharply at the end. Knocks over my load which landed on my right leg and dominoed down to my foot.

Hurt like hell. I curse a little and hop around until the pain subsides.

Finish the order, take it the customer, come back and pick up everything that has fallen with the help of the guy who knocked it down.

Finish the load. Complete a few more with no problem from my foot. Until I go to cash my check. Not moving my foot or applying pressure on it made it stiff. I got out of his truck in a not so pleasant manner.

I looked like a skinny weeble wobble the rest of the day. No hospital, though they offered. I said if I can move my toes I’m good.

Took off my boot when Brandon and I got to the house from shopping at Walmart and it was just swollen. Brandon helping me walk made me feel more old than hurt😂

Since the hurricane we have ripping and running like crazy trying to keep up with the orders. We supply a four state area, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas & Texas. I just fall asleep when I get home. Wake up, eat, bathe, try to get updates from Angie and then back to sleep.
Speaking of Angie…there IS a lot going on in her life at moment. To all those in the prayer group…she thanks you for your prayers.

Those in the prayer group know a bit about what is going on. I am passing it on to everyone in hopes of storming the gates of heaven with prayer.

Her dad recently had neck surgery. A few days later Angie texts saying she is taking her dad back to the hospital. He has pneumonia. It also appears he may have had a stroke the other day while in the hospital from stress.

For you see his wife, Angie’s mom, in now in the hospital as well.

I have tried getting updates as often as I can but Angie is just worn the freak out.  Dealing with her own health while bouncing between two hospitals is taking its toll on her I’m afraid.

When she calls she puts on her happy voice but I hear the scared woman behind the voice. It hurts I tell ya😭😭

As crazy as her mom is I love her.

Her dad on the other hand is a person I tolerate since that one night when raising his voice I saw Angie flinch. A story was told that night that didn’t need a voice. I lost all respect for her dad that night. But I still care about him because I love his daughter.

Angie could indeed lose both her parents back to back. Prayers would greatly be appreciated!
I had Brandon the whole weekend😮♥️I had told Angie I had a three day weekend and was coming to see her. She told me not to do such a thing right now. That it would not be the right time.

I want to be there for her and yet I told her I feel that I would be more of a hindrance than a help, considering everything going on. So I told her that I would a while before coming to see her.

When I told Brandon, he was like no dad she needs you. I quietly explained that she has me and she always will have me. And with both parents in the hospital I can not put the pressure of her feeling she would need to spend alone time with me on her.

He said I will stay the whole weekend with you dad. That will make you feel better. And he’s right it was a blessing having him all weekend. He left around 1pm today to go swimming with his bestie…Shopping Friday at Walmart he found some Bob Ross pajama bottoms and tore the display up looking for a pair of smalls. They have Bob’s face and his famous little happy trees all over them. He was so excited. I’m surprised he didn’t wear them out of the store😂

So I splurged and bought me something besides Batman.

Meet my pajama bottoms…Cookie Monster!!!!They are so comfy!!
Tonight I am watching a movie on sex trafficking. With everything going on in this world…the violence on tv….the stupidity of rioters and looters…the pedophile is basically given a hand shake instead of the punishment they deserve and the reports of recovered children from sex trafficking rings go unnoticed. Everything is so bassakwards it’s crazy.

There is a forthcoming post tentatively entitled Suffer Not The Little Children.
I will also start writing more of the My Beautiful Amazing Love story. I deeply feel moved to finish it. The problem I have of late is that there IS a lot to actually write about and it’s all jumbled up in my head right now.
Child abuse. Spousal abuse. Modesty. Sex trafficking. The rioting and hatred. And with each headline I have more thoughts getting absorbed into that labyrinth of ideas. I need to focus.

Pray for clarity please. Pray for each other! Pray for Angie and her parents please!
Oh yeah, this little dude came by for a visit the other day😊He just landed on my forklift steering wheel and hung out for a bit😊

I leave you with Stryper’s newest video for Do Unto Others! Powerful song

Have a blessed week everyone 😇

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