With My Eyes Wide Open By Brian “Head”Welch: A Book Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I have read Brian’s first book entitled Save Me From Myself Years Ago upon release. So when With My Eyes Wide Open was released I just naturally bought it. It has been sitting on my bookcase since then…unread😥 until now!

For those not familiar with Brian he was/is the lead guitarist for the metal band Korn. He left the band after becoming a Christian. He wanted to get away from the lifestyle which almost killed him and so he could be there for his daughter.

Little did Brian know what God had in store😊

The book shares many of the miracles God did as well as the mistakes Brian made along the way back to Korn.

It also shares his struggles as a single dad trying to raise his daughter, Jennea, while being a solo Christian artist and trying to gain some momentum in his career on and off the road.

Life threw them lots of curves and God stayed faithful and led Brian right back to Korn almost nine years later. What a journey!

Now Brian is reaching those who would never step foot into the four walls of church before and after shows with many coming to the Lord.

It doesn’t matter if you like metal, rock, country or gospel…a testimony is a testimony and this book will have you laughing, crying and praying!

I dare you to read it!

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