This wonderful post by Maxine…well needs to be shared, read and passed on!

We can NOT afford to walk the easy faith life especially now. I believe we will see Christ’s return in the next decade so we must be living the hard faith…the sharing of the gospel…the walking the “straight & narrow”…doing what is right no matter the cost!

Thank you Maxine for this!!

A friend in my small group recently texted a devotion to us and as I read it, one sentence stood out to me and it was this: DON’T SETTLE FOR AN EASY FAITH. That sentence gave me pause and required me to ask myself: do I settle?  Do I choose the easy way out?  I […]


7 thoughts on “DON’T SETTLE”

  1. Thank you Stu for sharing…….what a joy to find my post here on your page. I am humbled and honored my friend! May we never settle…..may we run the course set before us for the GOSPEL of JESUS CHRIST!!!

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