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This week has been a struggle for me emotionally but allow me to share a quick story that starts with my dear sister Charity that turns the tide…

Friday, Charity sent me a message on Instagram around 4pm. I didn’t see it tell later that night but it was this amazing song. Here is what she wrote…

“Stuart, I heard this song today and for some reason, I thought of you and Angie…”

First I was touched that the Lord placed Angie upon her heart that day but then I listened to the song and realized a very important message. One that would be confirmed by Stryper and then Angie herself all within an 8 hour period…hope!

Here is the song…

Here is the new Stryper song that was released Friday…

And lastly here is Angie’s photo she posted on Facebook in the wee hours Saturday morning…I was sitting at the picnic table at work with Big D while he was listening to the song You Keep Hope Alive when Angie posted that. I just bowed my head and started crying, saying thank you God for the 2×4 over my head.

For you see I had just been going through the daily motions of living…without hope since Angie shared with me that she has cirrhosis of the liver. I can’t see my life without her in it y’all…I just can’t. I’ve just been numb lately. Real quiet at work…only really talking to D.

Angie called last night and I shared with her the story of the songs and then her post. She basically reached through the phone and shook me

saying do not ever lose hope…EVER. I have never given up, have I?
No, ma’am you haven’t.
Then neither should you.
I know but the woman I love is basically dying and I can’t see my life without you.
I will always be with you sweetheart. I’ll be in heaven popping you on the back of head when you do crazy stuff.

We both chuckled a little at that. We laughed a lot after that part of the conversation because it broke through to me.

When the Lord does call Angie home, whether this year or in twenty years (who knows but God), she wants a celebration of her life and wants me to speak. I told her that I would be honored but it will be the hardest thing ever.  She didn’t need to ask why she already knows. Who better to speak than the man who knows me the best and loves me so much. I know is all I could say.

I have thoughts in my head already as to what to say because I know Angie would want me prepared. Our thoughts lined up as she shared with me some things she wants talked about….her kids, family and faith.

But God has awaken my hope. A hope that says Angie will still be here for years to come.

But at the same time a hope that even if He calls her home that her life story has done what He has always intended…to glorify Him through it all.

Her story is part of my story too because God brought us together to be there for one another through the good and the bad. Not a marriage of love in the conventional sense but a marriage of love nonetheless because our friendship was ordained by God. Love just grew from it. A love that neither of us expected but one we do not take for granted! A true love of a lifetime born out of a desperate need of a friend.

Thank you Charity for sharing that song with me. God had a purpose for you hearing it😊

Angie loves the song by the way too!

She thanks you all for your prayers as I have shared with her about the blogging prayer group and is ok with me sharing it publicly.

My hope is rekindled and yet I still hurt. But if I didn’t hurt then I would be dead inside and I am not dead! I am alive and I am breathing and so is Angie…so there is hope!

I saw this beautiful sunrise Saturday morning on the way to work. The photos, of course, DO NOT do justice to what my eyes saw but here they are…
I just want to say thank you to everyone. You haven’t given up on Stu. I appreciate all the likes and love the comments. I appreciate those in the prayer group for their encouraging words and prayer support. It truly means more than I could ever express with words.

Have a blessed week and remember to study the Word. Do not just take your pastors word for it. All scripture points to Christ and the finished work on the cross and nothing else.

If they are preaching anything else…well they are wrong!

Study so you can rightfully discern the truth!

23 thoughts on “Stu’s World LX”

  1. Oh wow. Stuart, that is wild. When I heard that song and immediately thought of you two, I was kinda puzzled. It took me awhile that day to send it to you. I fell in love with it and played it a few more times. I almost didn’t send it to you, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that you really needed to hear it. Know I know why.

    I glad Angie loves it too. 💕

    Those pictures are beautiful. Nothing like watching the sun come up and realizing that God has given us the gift of one more day. Even when it feels hopeless, what a blessing to be able to love on people one more day and have the chance to make someone smile and laugh one more time.

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  2. Stuart, I don’t always comment because sometimes I just don’t know what to say but I know God’s handiwork when I see it and you just know that our Lord gave you and Angie a hug. It is always so humbling when we see God orchestra something so precious as He frequently does. You and Angie are both in my prayers and I am so thankful that God answered the cry of your heart. God’s grace, peace and blessings to you and yours. – Bruce

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  3. I am so proud of you for staying strong bro. Keep it up. You have the creator of the world on your side.
    Stunning pics! I’ve never seen a sunrise in person before. I would love to though.

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  4. My brother, I feel for you. I don’t know what to say… except God is a loving God and HE promises to work all things for our good if we love him. Often it takes our humanness a minute to understand but as you know we love and support you here on WP and will continue to be here for you.
    The sunrise is beautiful and a promise of hope.
    God bless you.

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  5. I understand what you’re going through with Angie. Won’t go into details, and I don’t like to share, or talk about these things. For the last 15 years, my wife has been battling four different illnesses, with 3-5 different active specialist she has to see. There’s a reason, why I write about a love story, the ocean is deep. Strength and peace, my brother. Be encouraged, His love is faithful; even when the day brings you to tears!

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