Stu’s World LVIII

The past two weeks have been nuts at work! People quitting, not showing up for work and leaving the rest of us to pick up the slack.

I unloaded six 18 wheelers last week full of lumber. We then turned right around, broke all bundles down basically into four orders for new houses and a few walk in customers…then boom we are out of lumber. Repeat the next day and the next.

So now we are getting more trucks. I am tired of seeing trucks pull into the yard.

We employees barely get time to chat anymore. It’s a constant hustle just to keep up. And the new guys…well they’re new.

I did make one error in judgement in how much my forklift could handle. Ended up losing the load which was quickly shared with everyone. I just quickly cleaned up my mess and went on working.

They did pick on me all day though😂

Brandon stayed this weekend😊 We caught a dragonfly!

Brandon’s was excited that he finally got to touch one😊

What was weird was that while sharing with Angie about the Dragonfly experience she shared with me that she had one that flew around her Saturday as well😮

My new shirt finally came in. Seven dollars on Wish 😊

I was able to talk with Angie a few times since my last Stu’s World post. Last night was a very hard conversation 😭 She has asked me not to share what is going on at moment. Let’s just I am worried and broke down last night.

Please pray for the love of my life!!

That shall be all for now. I am emotionally drained ☹️

I hope and pray everyone has a blessed week. Pray for another!

23 thoughts on “Stu’s World LVIII”

  1. I’m thankful for you, Stu, because your testimony of your trials at work tell me that houses are being built and the world outside of my little cave is still going on. It makes me hopeful that our economy will recover. I’m sorry, though, that your co-workers are not treating the job respectfully. I like your new shirt, especially the colors. And Brandon’s catching a dragonfly is awesome. Those bugs are hard to catch! Finally, I will pray for you and for Angie and hope that all turns out for both of you. Written in His love.

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    1. I am glad that my little stories of life on the yard gives you hope Vickie. So thankful to hear that! It is still going on and not all bad😊

      The colors are awesome on the shirt. I had a choice…well that is until I saw the red😊

      I’m thankful he had the experience. I loved watching them sit on my fishing pole growing up or fly with the boat as we were moving.

      Thank you dearly for the prayers Vickie! When she allows me to I will share it in the prayer group that way there can be specific prayers for her.

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