Father Please!


You know my love for her! You know that she holds my heart and my heart breaks with sadness that it is not your will that we be together at this moment.

So much is going on in both of our lives right now. Her health issues and my financial struggles just would not work at moment. And you knew this before hand.

You also knew how much both of my kids would need me to be dad just as you knew she had to be mom to her boys.

The choice was hard. It broke us both. Four years now Lord and I still want to simply kiss her forehead and hold her hand and tell her how amazingly beautiful she is and that I love her.

Right now she is going through more in a week than most go through in a lifetime. It’s not easy. I know it’s not. She hints to how hard it is. She will not come right out and say it because she knows me too well. I hurt when she hurts.

With Wednesday comes another test….a liver test Lord. Sometimes I wonder if doctors really know anything about the medicine they prescribe or are some just Guinea pigs. Some of her earlier meds could have totally messed up her liver Lord but I know you are the great physician! May the results be positive.

Heal her leg quickly from the bed frame collapsing on it. Ease her daily pain so that can actually walk comfortably. Let her new diet ease a lot of the stomach issues and completely get rid of her thyroid issues!

Father, we miss each other terribly! Allow us the means to see each other and hug one another again. I so need an Angie hug right now.

Tonight Lord, I ask that you wrap your loving arms around her, whisper in her ear that she is loved and not alone, comfort her, allow her at least four good hours of sleep with no migraines and tell her that you are there by her side…the place I want to be.

Watch over the love of my life Lord, hold her for me and whisper in her ear that I love her too…

9 thoughts on “Father Please!”

  1. Oh Stu this breaks my heart for the both of you! I pray that God brings Angie through all this safely and heals her body! And that God brings you two back together in His timing! Prayers for you both! Keep us posted about her results. Prayers!🙏🏼

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