Stu’s World LVII

Then one of the other workers did not show up Monday…my ride to work actually☹️ But I made it to work all week. He did not. He is NOT what one would call a functional alcoholic.

Then Wednesday Big D calls me to let me know that had a chemical accident with burn marks on his face. He said it burned off part of his eyebrow and beard. Trying to make “light” of the subject I told him to send me a picture because I wanted to see my brother from a different mother without an eyebrow😂 He didn’t though.

Well two more guys quit. But they hired one. I am very impressed with his work ethic. He’s a keeper. He just needs to learn the ropes of where everything is at.

I told him I could call Angie real quick because her son is a top notch nurse and would know what to do. I didn’t have to she called later. More on that in a bit. But D didn’t come to work Thursday. Which basically left me, Ted and the new guy…oh boy.

I was supposed to take care of the trucks while they handled the drive in customers. Well that didn’t happen and I got behind by hours on truck deliveries…ughh. Plus I was told to sit down in the office for a while, I guess I didn’t look so good or something. But I sure felt better and was able to get caught up by the end of the shift. Thank God!

Thursday was payday as we were off Friday for the 4th. There was a surprise on my check. A nice bonus and a raise😮 Was not expecting either!

Guess who showed up for a visit Thursday. He almost got run over☹️

Crazy toad😜

Angie called me Wednesday. And once I told her about Big D she goes straight to her son and gives the scenario to him and he tells me what ointment D needs and everything. So I texted him as she was relaying the info.

She also sent me a new photo of her. It is now my home screen photo on my phone. She had posted this one on her Facebook account and everyone said how beautiful she was. So of course I just had to comment😊 When she called she said you know I almost commenting back to you saying your biased. I said I was looking for that😂 Biased or not it’s the truth. Check it out for yourself…

Absolutely beautiful 😍

We discussed her new diet😭 She can no longer eat the things she loves. No avacado, no asparagus, no this, no that…but she can have chocolate covered strawberries 😉 Assuming we could ever have our weekend getaway.

I miss her so much!!!!! But we both still feel that God will bring us together again when the time is right. I can wait as she forever holds my heart anyway. I just want to be able to see her every once in a while for a day or two. That’s not too much to ask I don’t think🤔

Brandon was able to stay most of Friday with me as I was off work. We went to the fireworks stand. He got a little carried away😮

One of so called Roman candles
This photo turned out pretty cool. This was one of the 5 ball rockets
Ball #3. I wasn’t fast enough for the others
This one is new this year. It’s called the BBQ grill 😂
This little rocket decided it wanted to land in the tree and spin around and come back down where we were standing😮

Before all the fireworks shenanigans we cut Brandon’s hair. It was so funny. He calls his mom to ask her if it was ok for me to cut his hair. She says ummm…no. I’m like you do remember I have been cutting my own hair even before I starting losing hair right? She said well, I do remember and I am sure I botched his hair up a time or two so go for it.

Brandon goes good. I trust dad and it’s my head. Couldn’t help but snicker.

And finished. We did not touch the top. He wants it to grow out.
This was not all we cut off. There was a lot on the floor.

He’s such a handsome little bugger😍 He typed me out a message on my old laptop that brought me to tears. I love this little man!!

Saturday after Brandon left I had me a good ole fashion movie marathon. I watched all 6 Star Trek movies. Today all I have done is mow the yard. But something happened across the street that made me stop. All I hear are screams and then sirens. Cops and an ambulance appear almost out of nowhere. It seems as if my neighbors mom, who was in town visiting passed away☹️

I need to apologise for not staying true to the Daily Inspiration posts. I will get caught up. I promise.

I also have to award that I was nominated for. One back in February and one here recently and for the life of me can not remember who nominated me. I am so sorry.

Please don’t lose faith in me. My season of dryness is almost over I believe. The Lord has been speaking and I am trying to actually listen more intently. Please continue praying for me. I’m still going through things on a daily basis, as well are.

And just because the world needs some cuteness I leave you with these cute photos…

Ah, the life of a kitty
When are they going to feed me?
Where is my Cheeto?!?

6 thoughts on “Stu’s World LVII”

  1. What a week! Glad you got some family time.
    I’ve been counting a Daily Inspiration from you every day, a lot of times there are two in a day… 🤔
    Yes, definitely praying for you…

    Liked by 2 people

    1. That it was..whew! Me too, me too😊

      According to Epoch Converter we are at day 188 in the calendar I’m eight days behind officially with today post being at 180. I feel bad when I skip a day or two. But some days I’m just too tired.

      Thank you for the prayers!!

      Liked by 1 person

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