Stu’s World LVI

Well… We now have 3 guys doing the work of twelve at work. Two more men walked off. I guess they couldn’t handle it anymore. This is nuts.

Our boss is a great man to work for so I can not understand these guys just walking away after all he has done for them over the years.

But I do now that I am worn the freak out. Saturday was spent cleaning the yard. It looks a lot better after a five hour rush job, but it is nowhere near the way I would like it.

We have had truck load after truck load of material and lumber come and go out plus normal customer orders it’s a madhouse.

The three of us are working our bums off trying to keep up but we can’t do it all. I almost passed out Monday. So many orders, running around pulling stuff in this dang heat without enough time to rest for a few.

Lunch is now eaten while pulling orders. Except Wednesday, I was told to go sit down and eat in the shade.

But I will say that we are appreciated and our efforts to stay on top of things led to a nice surprise the other day in the form of a little kick in of extra cash. They handed the three of us with an envelope and said I just want to thank you for your hard work… here’s some beer money, food money or whatever money. 50 one dollar bills😊


I had two on Saturday right before I took a four hour nap 😴

I promised Brandon an iPad a few weeks back. So before the raise in child support is official I went ahead and bought it for him. He surprised me well enough with his justification of having one. Dad, I need it to play games on. The phone screen is too small plus I get tired of waiting for Erin to finish her school work so I can start mine. With the tablet we can both be doing school at the same time and we will not be bothering each other.

So Friday we go to Walmart and purchase said tablet. He sets it up using the wifi at Walmart. Today, Sunday, I call AT&T to add the device to our data plan. The Walmart iPad is not compatible with the data plan as the one they sell can only be used via WiFi. WRONG!

So off to Walmart we trek, return the iPad and get the refund. Now we wait for the new one to come in at an additional 15 a month to our bill. That has been my Father’s Day experience today😮

I was able to chat with Angie the other day. I feel a little better knowing what all the doctors have said and how things need to be including her new diet. And she is almost ready to have the purple highlights put in. I can’t wait, as I sit here with a smile on my face😮 I so love this woman😍

I have not forgotten that I said I would write my thoughts on the riots but I keep seeing horrible instances of brutality and it just makes me more upset over the whole thing. So I have to “force” myself to sit down, stay awake and put my thoughts down.

And I have been playing Township. I am now at level 80, leading a group of 15 mayors to compete against other groups of people across the globe every week. It’s a very addictive game…just saying.

Here’s a picture of my kid zone😊
Here is my farm and a few of my factories that are going 24/7 to produce goods to send out on planes and trains. Plus I help members of my team with their orders.

163 days of playing😊 And I’ve made some cool friendships along the way. I need to put the game aside and concentrate on writing. Thoughts keep popping into my head and then I’m oh crude I have complete this train order real quick. It’s crazy even as I’m typing this I have gotten 17 notifications from other players that need help or have helped me fill my orders.

To those who donated to my dear sis who was struggling last week thank you from the bottom of both of our hearts. The money sent was used for food and to get her off the streets. She is very grateful, as am I. She so needed this…this…hope that someone cares.

I still have 3 days of the Sex Bible study series to do, a few awards to catch up on…IF I can remember who nominated. Sorry my mind has been amiss here of late. I will be doing a post on a photo I saw the other day…the title will be Forced Silence. That may give you an idea as to what the topic will be. Hopefully the words will come  from my heart and not my head.

Everyone have a safe week and God bless😊

17 thoughts on “Stu’s World LVI”

  1. Praying for you, Stu. I know work and the heat on top of it all is tough! You sound like you have my luck lol having to pay extra/month because something didn’t work lol…Those games can be sooo addicting!
    Chelsea has purple hair lol. Hope Angie is doing ok. 🙏🏼

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the prayers. They are surely needed.

      Oh boy can they😊🤣

      Purple is a good color. One of favorites and Angie’s too.

      Hopefully we will hear good news soon from the GI test results😊

      Liked by 1 person

  2. You are welcome! Will pray that Angie’s test results come back good!

    Her purple hair reminds me of a mermaid, and the dolls she played with growing up. She loved those dolls!

    Speaking of those games-I had to delete a farm game I was playing years back on Facebook, because it got so time-consuming for me. Very addicting! 😆

    Liked by 1 person

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