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Wow, is all I can say for this week. This world has gone bonkers!

More senseless murders. More cops being killed for doing their job of trying to protect the very idiots who caused their death in the first place.

More black business owners put out of business.

Over 400 victims of online child sexual abuse have been identified by the F.B.I. during the Coronavirus lock-in. I knew sexual predators would come out of the woodwork when kids were stuck at home.

No stats that I am aware of sexual abuse by family members. But I probably do not want to see those stats. They would be twice if not three times the norm.

Brandon spent the night Thursday and Saturday night with me😊♥️♥️

Angie has been in the hospital due to her migraines. Has not felt like talking as she is constantly throwing her food back up.

Hurts me badly when I feel I should be there to hold her hair as she leans over the toilet or just to hold her if nothing else. These migraines of hers will knock her out for days at a time…no light…no sound…and I remember days of no touching. So I would just lay beside her and get whatever she needed so she wouldn’t have to get up or move.

Big D got married this weekend. It’s official!! Yoop yoop!!

One employee is in the hospital from getting covid from his daughter. None of us at work have symptoms so don’t freak out 😊

Conference call with Jenn’s lawyers for more child support… ughh. That was fun…not. They never care about the dads

I let one of Brandon’s friends come over to the house both days he stayed. The first day they ran to each other. So cute…

To all my flower loving friends…what is this…

Is it a Lilly of some sort? I have them growing in the yard. This is the only one to bloom.

Here’s a photo of Brandon’s painting he just finished for the youth director at church

Did you know that there are many translations of the Bible that leave out complete verses and even chapters of books? Blows my mind.

There is more to this roller coaster but I have to save some for later.

I will leave you with these two quotes…

Have a blessed week everyone!

10 thoughts on “Stu’s World LV”

  1. The flower is a lovely color. And I sympathize with Angie. I used to have migraines and they used to give me meds to totally knock me out for a day or so. Now, I have a friend who takes Botox to control her migraines. It was a heart-wrenching decision for her since it meant that she couldn’t have children, but she just couldn’t take the constant pain any more. You’re right, friend, the world has gone nuts and we need to pray and pray hard. This is not the world that I want to leave behind for my children and grandchildren!

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    1. She has had injections in her neck before that helped for months but now without a job she can’t afford them😥

      True, only the love of God can fix this mess. But it needs to come from a true forgiving heart. One at time

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  2. It is sad and discouraging to see so much evil in the world – this is, after all, Satan’s kingdom for a time. We were talking last night at a church potluck about supernatural things. A young man mentioned how, in 1 Samuel 28, Saul visited a medium to ask Samuel (who was dead) about warring with the Philistines. And God let Samuel speak with Saul! Here Saul is going against God’s law (by visiting a medium), and God allows it and answers Saul!
    We concluded that God allows all sorts of evil; but whatever God allows is for His glory. We don’t have God’s perspective, so we just can’t see things the way He does. But I do believe God grieves for the evil and the hurt.
    Very cool photo of Brandon running to greet his friend. That’s exciting and joyful.

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