Stu’s World LIV

Yoo-hoo!!! I got to see Angie this week ♥️ Well…it was a video chat but still. She doesn’t do video chat that often so I had a big smile on my face. She just looks at me and goes what? I see your wheels turning. I said it’s nothing I just get to see your beautiful face. Again she said I’m biased😂 with a smile on her face.

She wanted to SHOW me that’s she is ok. I can tell how she is by the tone of her voice…lol. But she really wanted me to see her hair. It has taken weeks to get the silver she has wanted because her hair was so dark. Next up is purple highlights. Heck yeah😍

Can’t wait for that video chat😊

We didn’t chat as long as we would have wanted because I had company over for the night😊 Can you guess who?

Brandon spent the night for the first time in like three months😊♥️

We built the Harry Potter Bus Lego set

It looked easy but it took hours. We also bought some pizza rolls for dinner and M&Ms for dessert.

Have you ever mixed the two? Well…Brandon did😂 He stuffed two M&Ms into each pizza roll. It was actually pretty dang good😮

At our excursion to Wally World he tried to talk me into getting him the new iPad. Did not work, but I have to give him props for a well thought out reason. He could use it for school since most of the homeschooling is done online. He could use the iPad while Erin is using the main computer. But I know he just wants it for his games.

I did promise him that I would think about it.

As you have noticed I have not shared my thoughts on the riots, looting and killings as of yet and that is because I wanted more facts. So with that said I will be sharing it soon as I do have more facts available.

I will say that we have had some interesting discussions at work about it. Some heated ones to. Not to the point of being argumentative but heated none the less. I will try to work a few of those in my post.

Work has been crazy. We have been swamped and we are short handed still by three workers. So when I get home and sit still I fall asleep on the couch. Wake up a few hours later, eat and go back to bed. And then pretty much sleep all weekend. I’m just drained.

This week they pulled me off the yard to help with a pick up. Our owner decided to buy someone wood collection. These are trees that had been cut down over 35 years ago. Wood that old is worth a small fortune. But these were not just like 35 year old 2×4’s. These were 12x12x24 house beams. Try rolling one of those over…ouch! But there was a total 21 one of these jokers we had to get out of an elderly man’s barn. That was interesting.

I learned some cool stuff though. There was nothing in this man’s barn that was under 35 years old. Most of the items in there was older than me😮 I love old stuff like that. So in between logs I went looking and asking questions😊 I enjoy listening to stories from people older than I. It’s intriguing.

This morning I was given some sad news. I will not give names because some of you know this person…but they are in a very bad place at moment. They reached out to me via messenger, but I was already in bed.

I have been in their shoes…a long time ago and did things I regretted. We all have done those things. Most of you have not done the thing I am trying not to type because I was asked not share…

But I will ask for prayer because I KNOW what is going through their mind at moment and it is pure fear. Fear of the unknown. What repercussions will take place for this one act of desperation for money.

I’m not saying give but if the Lord prompts you to please do and I will immediately forward this person the money so they do not have to resort to this again😭


I do have a praise report from one of my friends from high school. Her foot does not need to be amputated😊

Big D from work has announced that he is getting married… yoo-hoo!!!

Can you see the angel above the cross on the right? This was taken by a friend of mine from church on the night the lights were turned on at the cross…

I love you all dearly!

Have a great week. Soar!

20 thoughts on “Stu’s World LIV”

  1. You had lots of good news to tell! Getting to see Angie, Brandon spending the night after 3 months, Big D getting married….And OH that angel!!! 💜Will be praying for the friend who is having a hard time.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love how God gave you happy blessings. You sound so much more upbeat.
    Angie and Brandon all in one week. And cool conversations with an old guy about old stuff. And Big D getting married.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Kathy!

      I have been blessed this week for sure!

      And just a little while ago Brandon called and asked me to help learn how to skateboard again. So I met him down the street and I showed him how. He wanted me to hold his hand until he got the hang of it♥️

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  3. Oh wow! You had a good week. 🙌🏻

    Purple highlights?!!! 😮 Good choice. 😉

    I’m so glad Brandon got to stay with you. Fun! I like that purple bus! Good job.

    I bet you are worn out. Can’t wait to read your post on the riots.

    That barn sounds so interesting. Older people have the best stories.

    I will pray for your friend. 💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I did have a good week. And seeing Brandon and Angie completed it😊

      Yes, they do have the best stories. I so enjoy just sitting with older men and women and listening to them tell the tales.

      Thank you. She needs it.

      Liked by 1 person

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