Stu’s World LIII

This week…ughhh…the world has gone nuts😠 But that is for a later post. Brandon wanted me to go live on Instagram with what I have to say. I told him that today was not the day. I am still angry and I could say something I would regret doing in a live video. He understood. He knows how passionate and angry I can get. So in a few days there will be a post about the riots coming from me.

Work went by so fast this week…but…

I kept making mistakes on orders pretty much all week. Granted the guys in the office and on the yard made light of it but I still feel bad. When an order is wrong it has to be taken off the truck, unbanded, unstacked with the wrong item taken off and the correct item pulled, then restacked, banded and put back on the truck.

I did it at least once a day. Two of them were not “my fault” per se but I should have noticed the wrong product in the bin but I didn’t. I just counted and started pulling without paying attention to the fact that someone put a return in the wrong place☹️ A lot of our molding looks way to close to each other. I despise molding!!

We did get a bonus at work for working during this stupid Coronavirus malarkey. Which was totally cool and unexpected 😊

One of our salesmen decided to have some while bringing me a ticket to pull 😂

I have been doing a lot of video chatting with Brandon this week. He also has come by the house twice😊 So I got my hugs in🤗

I have called and messaged Angie all week she just hasn’t been in the mood to talk. She is in a lot of pain here lately😭

But she did call me Thursday while I was at work to tell me she loved me♥️ I’m telling you right now that call changed my week from crappy to good.

I get off the phone and Big D sees me smiling. He goes that was Angie wasn’t it? I just smiled bigger. So it made his smile bigger too😊

I’m sorry this one is so short. I do have a lot on my mind here of late. Some of which I will share in the post about the riots.

Have a great week. Keep in prayer for people’s hearts!

Be thankful for God’s mercy…

8 thoughts on “Stu’s World LIII”

  1. I haven’t been around much…too busy at my job with all the COVID…what did you call it? malarkey? I like that! Lol! Anyway, no time for reading or writing blogs right now…too busy or may just poor time management…I’m just tired. But wanted to say, I enjoyed the video. You gotta have some fun at work. And I will try to remember to check back for your take on the riots. (Don’t even get me started…). Take care!

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