Sunday Music: Let The Life Giving River Transform You!

We have all been there! At one time or another we have hit our knees at the shores of the river of peace!

For some it comes in the form of worship as the Holy Spirit descends and washes over you. A feeling unlike any other!

For some it comes in waves as you cry out to God for forgiveness for one sin and then another and another. You are tired from it all but refreshed nonetheless!

For some it just hits out of the blue. You are doing chores or something and a word, a verse or chorus pops into your head and tears start to flow as the Holy Spirit speaks to your heart.

For some it comes through prayer. Just sitting there thanking God and interceding for others and boom. Your prayer changes as things are brought to your heart that you had no inkling to pray about and then a peace washes over you.

For some of us it comes when we are the most tired of the fight. Tired…mentally, spiritually and even physically. We don’t feel as if we can keep it up any longer. And….then we pray… Strengthen me Father. And in a few minutes we feel as if we could take on the world again, feeling stronger than ever!

That river is available every second of every day!

Our days start as empty pages and for some of us we have to strike words from the page only moments after waking. Wouldn’t be easier to start the morning in prayer and get a fresh anointing?

Some of us may need to take a flying leap back into that river throughout the day. End the day in prayer mode and allow that peace to comfort you as you sleep!

And the next day a blank page is waiting to be written.

Coming to the river is a daily part of our Christian journey!

4 thoughts on “Sunday Music: Let The Life Giving River Transform You!”

    1. Thank you! I have been pondering this post for days now. One of the guys at work starting listening to one of these songs and it just started a chain reaction with several of us as we shared our struggles to one another. Quite refreshing!


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