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I can not believe I have been sharing my sometimes crazy, sometimes boring world with you all for 50 weeks. It has almost been one full year of me sharing the weekly things that happen in Stu’s World 😮

In that time you have been able to…hopefully…understand me a little better. I have shared my concerns for the love of my life…Angie as well as how I feel about certain things that are taking place around me.

I have given you a glimpse into the depressed state in which I can be found in at times as well as the joys of hearing fellow employees deep in conversation about Jesus.

And this week is no different. I know boring, right!

We opened up fully at work this week. Meaning that I had to work yesterday. We actually ALL came to work yesterday to get things organized and cleaned up. We just haven’t had the time to restock the bins with all the customer orders as well as the contractor orders being shipped out. There was point, I think it was Thursday that I told two of the salespeople this….look, I love y’all and all but if I see you one more time today I will blow a gasket. We have all this lumber just laying around and here I am trying to put it where it goes so we can actually pull the orders you keep sending back here. Leave me the freak alone for an hour…geez.

I got told I was a butt and that they loved me too and drove to find another worker😂

I mean we had so much open bundles of lumber laying around from pulling orders we had our own forklift obstacle course on the yard and it was getting harder and harder to get where we needed to get.

It’s a good thing that we are busy but dang.

I did stop long enough to see the beauty in the wood though. What do you see? A cross-eyed floppy eared rabbit or a moth/butterfly😂

So Saturday we finished stocking and cleaning and then the last two hours a few of us sat around and conversed about Revelations and what is happening in the world today that is prepping us for the true end times.

The chip is here and being implanted in employees around the world. One version of the chip is being designed so you can start you car without a physical key. But the one that is out now is just for work related things…like buying your snacks at the vending machine by handing your hand in from of a scanner and clocking in and out.

I know where thousands of guillotines are being held underground at a Air Force Base. So there’s the beheading aspect of it.

It’s coming and the church needs to be in their Bible learning the signs and get prayed up!

I am 52 now. I doubt very seriously I will see 72…maybe not even 62. I’ve thought my generation would see the end and I still believe that to be true.

I have spoken with Angie a few times this week. She is doing ok. Her dad and mom on the other hand…not so well. Her dad was cutting down a tree and made a slight miscalculation and it landed on another tree. A limb fell and landed on top of him. Knocked him OUT! Angie’s description of what happened I will not share. But after an ER visit there is nothing broken.

She was out there helping and I am so thankful nothing happened to her.

Under normal circumstances and I had a car Angie would call and I would have come helped her dad with the tree. But nope nothing’s normal at moment 😥

Please continue praying for her mom as well. She fell again. Her equilibrium is way off. If she would just rest, but NO she is stubborn as hell!

Angie’s home based business Angel Designs is picking up. She has had several orders/inquiries since she posted the romper I shared last week😊

Here’s a shirt for your grandma’s

The romper is still my favorite though😊

The main thing for me is hearing her smile while she is talking about her new designs she is thinking about. Something that makes her happy and smile…heck yeah!

I have been able to see Brandon three times this week♥️ Got my hugs in.

Erin has been staying over at the Taekwondo teacher’s house this week with several of the other kids from the school. But we have managed to do a video chat together 😊

Brandon is officially going bonkers on the tie-dye shirts. He has made like ten so far😊. He said he made one that looks like a tiger. Can’t wait to see it!!

Sorry for not posting anything Friday. I came home from work and fell asleep within 30 minutes of sitting down and being still😮 Woke up two hours later, got off the couch and in bed and slept til the alarm went off at 5 to ready for work.

The Sex Myth #2 post for some reason was not allowing comments. I have fixed the issue. Hopefully I will not be having that problem anymore.

There a few awards I will be working on as well as a new installment for the Mirror series. I really need to finish that!

Have a blessed and safe week everyone!

11 thoughts on “Stu’s World L”

  1. Stu, I am happy that you have a job that keeps you busy. I see you are, too; God gives the sunshine and the rain to all. 😉
    I see the cartoon rabbit. I love that you see God’s Hand in so much.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Hmmm…. oh, I see a cross-eyed floppy eared rabbit!!! 😂

    Glad Angie is enjoying her work. That’s fantastic! Wow, she’s got her hands full, but she sounds very resilient Stuart.

    You got your hugs?!!! 🤗 Those are the best. This no contact stuff… I hate it.

    I love your Stu’s world posts. 💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. She is very resilient! She even sells make up too😊 She has just put that one to the side for now.

      I know right! When I see Angie again she is getting the biggest and longest hug EVER!!!

      I am glad you enjoy Stu’s World 😊


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