Coronavirus, God & Us

The official lockdown started March 23 and will likely end May 1st.

That is EXACTLY 40 days.

The Latin root of the word “quarantine” is “forty”.

So what does the Bible say about 40?

The flood lasted 40 days.

40 years Moses fled Egypt.

40 days Moses stayed on Mount Sinai to receive the Commandments.

Exodus lasted 40 years.

Jesus fasted for 40 days.

40 days for a woman to rest after giving birth.

Optimum number of weeks for human gestation is 40.

A group of theologians thinks the number 40 represents “change”. It is the time of preparing a person, or people, to make a fundamental change.

Something will happen after these 40 days.

Just believe and pray. Remember, whenever the number 40 appears in the Bible, there is a “change”.

Please know that during this “quarantine” rivers are cleaning up, vegetation is growing, the air is becoming cleaner because of less pollution, there is less theft and murder, healing is happening, and most importantly, people are turning to Christ. The Earth is at rest for the first time in many years and hearts are truly transforming.

Remember we are in the year 2020, and 20 + 20 = 40.
Also, 2020 is the year of the United States Census. Jesus Christ, the savior of the world, was born during a census.

Lastly, 2020 is perfect vision. May our sight focus on the Lord and living according to His perfect vision for us knowing He holds us in the palm of His hand.

May these days of “quarantine” bring spiritual liberation to our souls, our nation, and our world.

* I did not write the above statement, wish I had though. Pretty cool, huh?

I’m trying to figure out why some people are blaming God for the virus. Of course God knows about it. Heck, He knows the names of EVERY person who was set to die during this time period.

Me, personally I doubt God is to blame. Heck I would even dare to say that the devil had nothing to do with it. Us humans do enough wrong and stupid stuff on our own.

Some folks are blaming China and yet they are wrong in where they are pointing their fingers. The virus did NOT start where they said it did.

From everything I have read…it points to human error. This is a protein based virus. If you were to dig deep enough you will find information that could lead one to believe that this is all a political virus for warfare. It could also lead one to believe that a lab in China was playing around with the virus, studying and made an “error” by adding to it and it got out of the lab. Hence it’s sticking to human cells so fast…makes more sense to me that someone eating a bat.

Heck Ozzie bit the head of a bat and didn’t get sick other than an upset stomach. China has a history of eating some off the wall stuff anyway. Never heard of them getting sick and dying from eating a bat before…til now.

A way to shift blame from the rightful person/persons who deserve the blame.

It could also lead one to believe that Bill Gates, yeah I’m going there, is behind it all. Pushing for the chip, the One World Order and for his many pharmaceutical businesses to basically rape people for the cure.

Those are thoughts. Those could be considered conspiracy theories. Conspiracy theories actually have truth behind them in some form or fashion.

Here are Stu’s thoughts…oh boy. I will probably rile some feathers.

I have not been scared about this virus since day one and the quarantine is a joke. There I said it.

People have been coming to me saying you should be scared. I’m like no, I am not. God knows when my time will come. If it is to be during this virus then so be it. That’s for me.

Now, I am worried for those I love because I’m selfish and do not want to try to envision my life without them. Especially the kids and Angie.

The quarantine is a joke because you can’t go to a restaurant and eat but you can have twenty people on one aisle in Walmart all clustered together trying to get stuff.

My personal opinion is there should not have been a quarantine because all the people who stayed home, lost their jobs, had to shutdown their business forever will be more susceptible to the virus when everything opens up BECAUSE they were not allowed to build up an immunity to it by being exposed to it.

Oh but Stu so many have died from this virus. True, but false. Probably 80 percent of Covid-19 deaths were not Covid-19 related. Some died from the flu but they’re saying Covid-19. Some died from some other illness, really, but because their immune system was down they contracted the virus.

How many died from the flu?

How many died from drugs?

How many died from beatings?

How many died at the hands of their parents?

To me it was blown out of proportion. But that’s just me. I won’t argue the point. You can certainly have your own opinion and I will respect it. I may not agree with it but I will respect it!

But now that the earth has basically had a chance to heal from us not being able to really screw it up the oceans are bluer, turtles are nesting at numbers never before seen in decades! There are not as many chemicals floating around in the air.

Families are spending time together instead of being caught up in the rat race of work home bed, work home bed. Parents are spending time with their kids. Husbands are spending time with their wives.

So though I feel the quarantine was unnecessary I believe it truly helped this country. In more ways than I just mentioned.

Yeah not being able to go to church and play dress up sucks. But the parking lot services are heard by many more than those that step foot in the actual building on Sunday.

More people are praying trying to find answers.

I will say there will be change take place for real after this is over.

I pray it is this….

Husbands realize that work is third in their lives behind God and family.

That we have learned to appreciate time spent with those we do love.

To appreciate that hug, that firm handshake, that kiss…more.

That we have grown in our relationship with God instead of the TV and what is happening on our so called favorite shows.

That the Bible that has been sitting there collecting dust has been opened, read and taken to heart by thousands of families.

That we have learned to actually appreciate our so called 9-5 minimum wage jobs because it’s way better than no job and no money.

I want to see more random acts of kindness occur.

A revival spread across this land like never before!

That’s the change I want!

Anyway, just felt the need to share all that. I hope everyone has a blessed night.

As Gail says God loves you! So do I 😊

7 thoughts on “Coronavirus, God & Us”

  1. Hey Stu…nice work. I can agree with most of it and as you said I can have my opinion and still let you have yours. I like all the info on the number 40…very interesting. I believe there’s more to the outbreak than us commoners will ever know (this side of heaven anyway). But I do agree that the quarantine was unnecessary and because of that many lives have been affected…some as you have mentioned Praise God and some adversely. Many may not fully recover, like the kids whose only refuge from abusive parents was school. Or the spouse of an abuser who is now out of work and can’t handle the stress. What about the elderly who are stuck in nursing homes with or confusion or dementia and their families can no longer visit them? What about those who live alone and have no one? Or those who are actually sick in the hospital but families aren’t being allowed in?
    All these are opportunities for folks to cry out to God though…and many are! I believe God is in control and I actually do believe this is a form of His judgement. I believe He is sovereign and He is good and whatever He wills, will come to pass. I’m glad that there are many families embracing this time to slow down and spend time with their children in a positive way and I pray for that! I agree that many people are who would never step foot in a church under normal circumstances are listening to online services now…hopefully they hear the call of the Lord and do not harden their hearts but open thier eyes and soften thier hearts to be receptive to the truth of the Gospel. I agree with your prayers for revival and hope for many to come to Christ…but I don’t believe things will get better here. I believe Jesus is coming back. I believe they are calling for peace and safety…and they dont’ even know that they are about to experience complete destruction. I pray for the boldness to share the Gospel with the lost…because I often find it really hard to do and that’s because I let the fear of man and persecution stop me. I often forget that He said I will be persecuted for following Him. I want to be the one that everyone says…”Oh, yes, she’s right! Isn’t she smart?” But then who gets the glory for that…me, not God! Pray for me brother…I’m struggling. I want to share the Gospel and not care what anyone says or does to me. (Forgive me Lord for my failings!)
    May the Lord richly bless you and your family in this time. I enjoyed your post.~Jackie

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    1. Hey Jackie 😊

      No, I agree. There are many others I did not mention that have been affected. And you named the ones I have been concerned about. Spousal abuse with no reprieve. Child abuse, including all three abusive situations. I had mentioned them at the beginning of the shut in in a previous post. I feel for the elderly without anyone to visit them. It’s truly sad.

      Of course I will be praying that the Lord give you the boldness to proclaim Him and not worry what others think.

      I believe we are getting close the end times. Not there yet…but close. And no, it will not get better.

      Thanks for your kind words about the post too😊

      Have a great night! Stay safe!

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  2. I’m with ya, Stu!
    Very interesting stuff about the 40.
    I absolutely believe God redeems all we mess up, and blesses us even while we continue to walk away from Him. He also calls us to Him, and many are heeding, praise Him.
    Sweden has been in the news because they never did a quarantine. People who die there get to have loved ones with them. Elderly in nursing homes and sick in hospitals get to have visitors. No economic crash. They’re doing well.

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