Three Stories Of Pornography From Three Sides Of The Equation

Did porn attribute cause to the kidnapping and raping of Elizabeth?

Here is my Celebrate Recovery forever friend Jessica’s story…

A story of the vicious cycle in the life of a porn star…

Yes, it’s brutal. Some of the things I have seen when I was in my dark and deep hole of addiction would make you shudder and walk away in tears.

It’s even more brutal now than it was 10 years ago. It is so so sad how these women and even some young boys are being treated in these videos.

I so wish it was not so easily accessible for our youth today😭

Praise God for His saving mercy and Grace as more and more men and women are coming out of the porn industry!

And more men and women are seeking freedom from watching porn and masturbating to it!

4 thoughts on “Three Stories Of Pornography From Three Sides Of The Equation”

  1. It reminds me of the beer commercials way back.. they portrayed a picture that it was fun, that everything was ok. It was a party and you were invited! But it didn’t show you the addiction and the self harm and the harm to others.

    And the beer company don’t care. Addiction is money and power.


  2. Pornography hooks so many, trashes, dehumanizes, and often ends in untimely death. More money is made in this industry than any other. Sex trafficking, snuff movies, and all kinds of evil. Thank God for the gift of his son Jesus, so the addicts and victims can be set free. He sets the captives free!


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