Sunday Music: Tenth Avenue North | Worn

When this song came out Angie sent it to me right after she heard it on the radio. I cried because I knew…

The frailty of a parents heart after losing a child…the struggle to even get out of bed everyday…the struggle to keep pushing on because your other children depend on you…you must be strong for them…though deep down inside you feel as if you are dying.

I also know the addict struggling to quit…not seeing a way out of the prison they feel trapped in. The tiredness of making headway only to slip when stress comes knocking on the door.

I also know the tears…the pain…that feeling of utter hopelessness while screaming to God “I CAN’T DO THIS! WHY CAN’T I STOP? HELP ME!!!” or even the I give up trying…😥

It doesn’t matter the scenario…we have all been there. We’ve all been worn thin, emotionally drained and spiritually weakened.

This world has a tendency to knock us down more than we care to admit.

BUT, I have always witnessed rebirth! Praise God!

I have seen new life awaken after a season…

Just as the leaves return in the spring to the barren tree…

Just as the rose bush buds again after it’s seasonal pruning…

Just as a forest that has been engulfed in flames will reemerge in splendor after the rains comes.

We can’t lose HOPE! These seasons of dryness, hurt and sadness can not last forever.

God IS faithful to finish what He started! We must be patient and understand that His ways ARE not our ways.

In hindsight we will all see His power displayed even in the little things that lead us out of the season we are in.

Be strong my friends…for He IS working! He IS moving! He IS shaking things up!

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