Tag-Teaming The Enemy

Imagine this…four guys…one ring…two on a team with one starting the match for each side. The bell rings and there they go, circling each other, sizing their opponent up and then wham!…physical contact to inflict pain..to inflict damage.

This pain and damage is meant to make their opponent surrender the match while the whole time their partner is in the corner leaning over yelling tag me. If the one in the ring has not had too much pain or damage inflicted on them they will make it to the corner and tag his partner.

The partner jumps over the ropes and commences to beat the other guy up, as he is tired from the fight or caught off guard because he thought he had won and turned his back. It usually goes back and forth for a while till one team wins the match by pinning the opponent to the mat for the 3 count.

This parallels our life so well. We are in a wrestling tag team match daily as believers in Christ.


Here’s the scene I want you to envision:

You are in the ring with your enemy, this big ole demon. It’s a surprise tag team match for you do not know who his partner until he shows up. The demon knows your partner and keeps a watchful eye in the corner.

So here we go….

That ole demon is in the middle of the ring sizing you up trying to find that one weakness that he can use to inflict pain and damage.

He sees it and rushes in to make his move. It’s your mind, because you didn’t come prepared for battle in your mind. So he starts taunting you saying things like you’re no good, your worthless, and dude there is no way you can win this fight.

You, not being prepared mentally, fall for these words and lose hope in the match a little. He sees that the taunting has hurt you a little so he goes in for the loins. The loin is the part of your back from your lower rib to your hip.

One good sucker punch to the loins and he sees you reel in pain and trip. His partner, who just showed up, is just itching to finish you off.

Once your partner sees who the foe is he starts yelling Tag me! Tag me! I know this enemy, I know his weakness!

While you are trying to listen to your partner, your ole demon foe just sucker punched you, but he miscalculated. He brought you down, yes, not on your back as he had hoped but down to your knees…in the corner.

You reach up and tag your partner just as the ole demon runs to his corner and tags his, for he saw you tag yours. But just as he tags his partner; your partner gives him a swift kick and out the ring he goes. Your still down on your knees from the sucker punch. And that is exactly where your partner needs you to be..on your knees.

You see, your partner in this match is the Holy Spirit. And He gets his strength from you being on your knees.

The ole demon’s partner turns out to be the devil himself. He got hit by the Holy Spirit the moment he entered the ring. But he’s not down..it takes a lot to take down the devil. But that is why the Holy Spirit said Tag me! I know his weakness.

For every word the devil yells at you, the Holy Spirit is speaking the Word of God against him. He reels, for the devil does not like the Word. The devil leaves the ring shouting this is not over yet!!

Now these type of wrestling matches can go for hours, days or even years sometimes but the thing is this, the victory was won before you even entered the ring and both parties know it.

Praise God that through the Holy Spirit and the spoken Word you can have victory in this match! But you must do your part and be prepared!

Here are two verses that will help you in your preparation for the matches ahead.

Ephesians 6:11


2 Timothy 2:15 (Mind preparation for the match)

It’s time to win these matches and get the 3 count on the enemy and get victory. Once you can victory then when a friend is in need you can say Tag Me! I know his weakness! Then fight alongside your brother.


6 thoughts on “Tag-Teaming The Enemy”

  1. We certainly can’t win these battles alone, but it’s GREAT to know that we have the Holy Spirit on our team. Thank you for the reminder. The daily ongoing battles can wear a guy pretty thin.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes, they can Jason. Many times in my own battles I wait until I am down on the mat, fighting so hard on my own before I realize I’m not alone in the fight. God has had so much patience with me to allow me to get where I am.

      And He has brought some amazing people into my life to cheer me on from the stands and give me encouragement. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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