Sunday Music: Barren Cross | Out Of Time

With all the illnesses, crazy freaking weather, fires ravaging the earth, locust plagues in Africa and people hoarding toilet paper like it is the end of world I figured this song is appropriate.

People have been pushing God away and making themselves god of their lives in rampant numbers lately.

Parents allowing their kids to have surgery to change their sex. That child was born male or female because God designed them that way. And parents should nurture those children accordingly. Who cares if the son plays with dolls because his sister does. Who cares if the daughter likes baseball, climbing trees and getting dirty. That does not mean they are the wrong sex. Far from it…oh, I need to stop…I could just keep going on this one.

Rape, murder, suicide, slow motion suicide of drugs and alcohol are all results of something much deeper. It is a need to be loved.

There is a hole in every person’s heart that ONLY God can occupy and fill.

We as believers need to be a walking testimony of God’s love, grace and mercy! We need to be sharing Him with our loved ones and those we come in contact with…because we are INDEED running out of time.

I don’t like scare you into salvation pastors. But the truth of the matter is this…

We will ALL die and none of us know the date and time.

That best friend could die tomorrow. A member of your family could pass away in the night or killed in a car wreck.

There IS no better time than now to solidify your presence in Heaven with God Almighty.

Accept Jesus into your heart today.

If you are not a believer and would like me to pray with you send me an email with your phone number. I will call and pray with you.

If you are a believer…what are you waiting for…an open invitation? Well, here it is!

No, it’s a challenge! Get out of your comfort zone and share Christ with others before their time is up and it’s too late.

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