Stu’s World XL

I have no idea why I chose to use Roman numerals πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I must apologize to everyone. I haven’t really felt like reading or writing this week.

It’s been a rollercoaster emotionally for me since coming back from seeing Stryper in Dallas.

Not being able to see Angie that weekend hurt more than I thought it would. We both so need each other’s hugs right now.

I wanted to hug her simply because I love hugging her, but I needed to hug her because she needed one from me. She needed a hug from someone who loves her. Someone who would just hold her until she felt like letting go.

But that’s just it the letting go hurts.

She is worn out right now with all the medical tests, her mom’s surgery and then catching the flu 😭

This was part of the issue when were dating last time. I couldn’t be there when she needed me.


We have started the prayer group at work. A few of us stand around one of the forklifts, where the heat is, and pray for one another. Pretty awesome. You can see the effect it has on everyone throughout the rest of the day!

We shut down this weekend due to the salesmen having the flu…

They get to stay inside where it nice and cozy. We have to stay outside in 20 degree weather trying to keep our hands and feet from freezing. They come out for two minutes to give us a ticket order and basically run back inside like a fox with its tail on fire. Chickens…

Brandon’s didn’t stay this weekend. He chose to go hangout with his friends from the Taekwondo school at a sleepover. They had fun and that’s what matters πŸ™‚

By the way when Mickey whines you can hear him from two freaking blocks away. I went to Sonic tonight to get the new tots with onions, bacon, jalapeno and Baja sauce (which they do not put enough on there) and I could still here him whining. One would think he was being tortured. Hope the neighbors didn’t freak out.

As you can see he is hogging the heater. Had the gas cut off earlier this week. So it’s just that heater at moment.

Light bill first. Phone bill is due next week…which is the reason other bills are behind. They did not inform me of all charges and I was ticked to high heaven. Two phone lines and the bill is over 200 every month. One hundred more than I was paying. But we both needed new phones.

And people wonder why both parents have to work nowadays πŸ€” Duh, everything is too freaking expensive!

Maybe that’s why God has Angie and I apart for nowπŸ€” She can’t work at moment…

Anyhow, after several other people have mentioned me writing a book. I am pondering the notion. But it will not be my story…yet. I am thinking of doing an ebook with several of my short stories based off of random photos like The Black Sheep, I Was There, The Door and others. I just haven’t written enough of those for a full book yet. What do y’all think?

I want to thank all of you who have nominated and tagged me in the various awards and tags. I WILL get to them I promise.

Thank you for always being so supportive and for praying for me, Angie, the kids and for one another.

Have a great week everyone!

20 thoughts on “Stu’s World XL”

  1. Seek the Lord about writing the book and how to do it…He will show you. He placed the words in my head and I am sure He will show you what to do! You have a lot going on right now for sure! Am sending up prayers for relief!

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    1. That’s what mine used to be until I got this new phone with more GB. I’m use to paying for my phones outright. But to get one that handles all I need it to do I had to do a contract ☹️

      But, we do have Cricket. I will certainly look into it. Thank you!

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        1. I do everything from my phone….blog, Facebook and it’s many groups I administrate, Pinterest, read my Bible on the go. I could not even update WordPress much less Facebook and Messenger due to lack of memory on my old phone.
          Messenger is how all the guys get in touch with me that need help.
          And I needed a better camera. Last one stunk to high heaven.

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