Stu’s World XXXIX

Oh my gosh what a blessing this week was! Let me start by saying I have amazing friends!!

Stryper was coming to Dallas. Knowing my situation one paid for the tickets and another came and picked me up Friday after work and then we all went to Dallas Saturday morning!

Now, the three of us have not really hung since the 80’s so there was A LOT of catching up to do on the drive over and back. But what a joy to hang out with friends and see our favorite band together for the first time! We have all seen them. Michael has seen them with me like three times I believe…yeah. But Keith and I have never seen them together.

Here is my first ever recorded video of Stryper for the song Calling On You. The quality is not great but way better than my other phones ever thought capable…

Now Oz, the guitarist has been in and out of the hospital due to health issues and we were uncertain if he would be on tour at all…but here he is…Please be in prayer for Oz as he has an inoperable brain tumor. But our God IS a healing God!!

Perry, the new bassist is from Firehouse. Here he is with Michael…Trying to get a perfect photo of the visual timekeeper is dang near impossible as he is never not moving. But here is the best photo of Robert I could get…They started of with Yahweh and never let up. This is my sixteenth time seeing Stryper. The first being way back in 1984 on their first tour. And yes, it was in Dallas.

That first show sealed the deal for me. It wasn’t the show that had me hooked, though it was awesome. I caught my first Stryper Bible at that show. But it was what they did after the show.

They sat and talked with probably 50 or more teens who were all dealing with different issues and wanting to accept Jesus as Lord of their lives. I had the privilege of watching that.

I could go on and on about how their music has impacted me over the years while dealing with things…maybe one day I will share some more.

Sadly that accessibility became less as their popularity exploded after To Hell With The Devil but their faith and desire to reach the lost as never waned.

As awesome as the show was last night, hanging out with friends is what made it so special. I love those two!

I was hoping to see Angie while I was in Shreveport in transit between home and Dallas and back, but sadly we just couldn’t make it work.

You ever have that desire to see someone so bad it hurts? Yeah, that’s both of us right now.

And yet, I believe it would hurt more seeing each other, holding each other and then having to let each other go so I could come back home and go to work tomorrow.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love this woman?!? Oh yeah, I have shared that a time or two…oh well. May you never get tired of me saying it 🙂 And she reminded me of our love over various texts messages this weekend. Which made not seeing her hurt more. But it’s ok.

My friend Michael’s mom told me she found one of my old string art pieces from high school when she was cleaning out one of the rooms in her house. She cleaned it up the best she could and gave it to me when we got back today.

Some of the pegs have broken from being moved around but it looks cool! I can fix it 🙁This was from 1986. I won first place in the religious section for this. I remember I wasn’t going to enter it in as such but my teacher really wanted me to so I added the cross at the last minute.

That is my handwriting on the top card. Doesn’t look like that anymore. That was a mixture of my mom’s and the girl I was dating at the time. They had beautiful handwriting!

This was also the same year I won third in state for my oil painting of a lighthouse which sadly disappeared through all my moving around in the past 30 odd years. If I ever truly wanting to show Brandon some of my work it would have been that painting.

While we were in Dallas she went and bought Brandon a string art set. We started on it tonight when I got back to Rayville. He was like this is too hard 😂

Angie wants to go see Def Leppard as part of her bucket list. They are coming to Bossier City in September. Please be in prayer that I get to make that dream of hers come true and take her. Tickets will probably be out of my price range though  ☹️ and it’s on a weeknight for crying out loud!!

And King & Country are coming in April on a freaking Wednesday…ughhh.

But I am going to try to make both happen for her even if it is not me going with her. But boy do I want to be there rocking beside her.

Everyone have a great week. Remember to pray for one another. You never know what someone is going through at at given time. If God places someone on your heart it’s for a reason!

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