The Real Neat Blog Award 2020

Wow! Thank you so much Catherine! I am deeply honored that you have chosen to give me The Real Neat Blog Award! Guys and gals please swing by her blog and share some of the love you share with me. Read her testimony! Share it and help be a voice for those who have none!

Here are the rules:

Display the award logo.

Thank the blogger that nominated you and link to their blog.

Answer the questions from the blogger who nominated you.

Nominate up to ten bloggers, asking them seven questions.

Here are Catherine’s questions:

1. What is the most snow in one winter you have lived through?

I’m unsure as to how many inches…but I went to Shreveport knowing I would be snowed in for a four day weekend 🤔😉

2. Do you watch the show Survivor?

I have watched a few episodes but that was years ago.

3. Do you follow other Blogs? 

I follow many blogs on a variety of topics including marriage, sex, addiction, recovery, etc. I do not follow everyone that follows my blog though. Some of them Google will not interpret for me and others write about things that, to be honest, do not interest me.

4. Have you ever been a guest Blogger?

Yes, I have been a guest blogger twice. It was fun to write about their topic of interest. Maybe I will share that post here on day soon.

5. How long have you been Blogging?

2020 will mark my seventh year! What a blessing and amazing journey it has been. I have met some amazing people via WordPress 😊

6. How many social media accounts do you have?

Oh my gosh…too many to be truthful. Facebook (where I run 6 pages and 4 groups), Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Path, Godsinterest and Tumblr.

7. What’s one thing in 2020 you hope to achieve? 

Get a car and visit Angie regularly 😊

I am giving this award to:


Here are my questions:

1. Why, in this world of plenty, do we still have children and even adults going hungry?

2. Racism is not something we are born with…it is learned/taught…so what must we do as a people to make it go away?

3. Which animal, in all the animal kingdom, makes you ponder the humor of God?

4. Which scripture(s) provide you with hope?

5. Which friend do you just love to hang out with? Why?

6. Do you believe the saying “the two shall become one flesh” means more than just creating a child? Why

7. What can you do to make your relationship with God stronger?

*To those I have given this award to please do not feel obligated to participate. I just want to let you know I appreciate you!!*

25 thoughts on “The Real Neat Blog Award 2020”

  1. Congratulations, Stu, on the award and the seven years of blogging. My answer to your first question about snow is a whopping 192 inches. We were living in northern Maine and I told my husband that I thought I had died, gone to hell and it was cold! We were there for four long, cold winters. My husband tolerated it, my children loved it and I hated it there.

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