Stu’s World XXXVII

This has been a rough one for me emotionally. Someone I deeply love and care about, and I am sure you can guess who, has gotten some upsetting news about their health. We both are worried but I am trying to reassure her that everything will be ok.

I did send out a list of items that are now affecting her to the prayer group and it seems everything is revolving around her thyroid not working

I just wish I could be there for her physically as in a shoulder to cry on. Someone to hold her hand as the news sinks in. But life does not allow that at moment. She knows how much I want to be there but even if I was there I could not make it all go away like I would like ☹️

Brandon chose to stay with me tonight instead of Friday…

So Mickey tried to sit on his head 😂
He can now climb on the couch without being picked up

Brandon is sick. He has strept (?) Poor little man ☹️ But his ankle is 100 percent better 😊

Work has been going good. Big D has been riding around with his headphones in listening to the Bible all day. He almost forgets to say good morning but he drives by and smiles giving me a thumbs up! It has been a joy watching his faith grow!

His nephew works with us and Big D has been trying to witness to him but to no avail. So while no one was around I asked him why he has an issue with God. He shared his reason. One that I can certainly understand. He lost a child. He just looked at me and asked where is the mercy and grace in that.

I shared with him Angie’s story about her losing Matthew. I also shared with that he will be able see his son again in Heaven. He just has to make that choice.

I told D that he is just not ready but God will work on him. Just keep praying for him and walk the walk.

My nights here of late have simply thinking of Angie and all she is going through at moment. I don’t share with her my struggles, as I’ve shared earlier. It would just add more stress for her deal with.

I just have to get things in order so I can go see her soon. I know she misses me as much as I miss her.

I have decided to continue writing the Mirror series for a while. Their story is nowhere near finished. Amazing what a photo challenge can bring about!

I will start a new Bible Study soon. I just have to get in the right mind set for this one.

Please remember to prayer for one another this week. You never know what someone is dealing with…trust me.

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