Mirror Series Part V

This is driving me crazy!

I mean all these years of making love to him. Was it even me he was thinking about? Or was I just the body being used as he fantasized of another?!?😡

I could answer those questions but as we speak I am working on your husband. It will be his responsibility to answer those questions for you.

He has been lying to me this whole time probably. How can I possibly believe a single word he says?

Trust me, your husband will be a changed man. Even know he is crying over what he has done to you. He is broken now. He is where I need him to be so he will ask for forgiveness from me and be made whole for the first time.

Good, he needs to be!!

Well, so do you. Just as Samson, Jonah, Saul, David and others had to be.

What do you mean I do too? He’s cheating on me, not the other way around.

You are not totally correct in that. What about that guy you met at the office? You have grown close to him emotionally sending him messages. Putting yourself out there in a way you shouldn’t. He is married you know.

I would never cheat!

Wait, he’s married?!? But he doesn’t talk about her at all and he doesn’t even wear a wedding ring.

Cheating encompasses more than the physical act of sex for crying out loud. I wish y’all would come to realize this.

And yes! He is married. They’re marriage is struggling just as yours is for different reasons, though related. And no, I will not tell you!

But it’s so easy to talk to him. He listens and shows concern.

Yes, he does. But that doesn’t change the fact you crossed a line in your marriage. And just like your husband you need to ask for forgiveness, repent and stop. It’s not just your marriage at stake here. It never is when things like this take place.

The talks you and your coworker have had should not have happened. Those talks should remain between husband and wife.

I’m sorry. I didn’t think I was crossing a line. I was just talking with a friend. And it’s not like my husband listens to me.

Oh he listens. But because of the things he has been dealing with all these years he just doesn’t know how to share himself openly…yet. That will come soon and your marriage will flourish and grow beyond your wildest dreams.

Speaking of my husband. Have you chatted with him today?

I’m everywhere. While talking with you I have been listening to the thousands that call on me for help and I have answered each and every one.

Wow! That is amazing. How do you manage to keep track of everyone like that.

Let’s save that for tomorrow. You need some rest. A few more days and your husband will be back from his extended weekend getaway. You have a lot to ponder.

I am tired. The stress of everything has worn me out mentally and emotionally.

I know. Sleep well daughter. I am here watching over you.

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7 thoughts on “Mirror Series Part V”

  1. Stuart, this is so good! Wow, the way you know what goes on in the mind of a woman. You nailed it once again.

    I enjoy seeing both sides of the story. This is fantastic!

    Liked by 1 person

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