Stu’s World XXXV

With as much rain as we have had and the temperatures dropping like 30 degrees in less than 30 minutes it has been interesting at work. We still have numbskulls coming to get bags of concrete mix in the pouring rain. We still have folks coming to pick up orders for lumber…lumber that should not be getting wet.

But in between the numbskulls we have had some very interesting conversations. Some I didn’t see coming and others I wasn’t prepared to be the “main” speaker in.

You see Big D has really been sharing his faith here of late 👏And as a result some of the other employees are listening to D and I when we talk about the Bible, God and listening to music.

And of course, working with a bunch of men the topic went to sex. Surprise, surprise…

Hence, the conversation I was not prepared to be the “main” speaker.

One of the guys was telling another about Jesus being tempted by the devil. One of the other guys was saying how Jesus was never tempted sexually. And yet another was saying that being tempted is a sin. And then another one on the other side of the forklift was confessing to the others that he struggles with and masturbation.

Yeah, well, I just had to jump in you know..

I addressed them all as one. Because in actuality it’s one topic. I politely told them the error in their thinking. Yes, Jesus was tempted sexually. I paused for it to set in. Then the one who said Jesus was never tempted sexually said it must have been the woman at the well. I was like no she was fully clothed. I told them to remember the woman caught in the act of adultery. She was caught. Meaning, that she was indeed having sex and probably naked when they walked in on her and I doubt very seriously that they allowed her to get redressed, hair redone and all prim and proper to be thrown at Jesus’s feet.

But what did Jesus do? Instead of gazing on the naked woman he bent down and started writing in the dirt. He was tempted sexually. He just didn’t act upon it! So yes, Jesus was tempted in all areas just as man is.

I then shared a smidgen of my story with them about the porn and masturbation. I told them that in my eyes masturbation is a sin…unless you are on a business trip having sexual thoughts about your spouse and even then I feel it’s wrong. You should wait til you get home for sexual release. They looked at me like I lost my mind.

I asked them if they can masturbate without having lustful thoughts in their mind or visuals aids in front of them. Course, they said no. K, then it’s wrong because you acted on those thoughts. You had lust in your heart.

One of the guys was like I have never heard that story told like that before. That makes a lot of sense, but why won’t pastors tell it like that. I just said they are scared to talk about sex from the pulpit and left at that.

That’s just one of the many conversations we have had over the past seven rainy, for the most part, days.

Other than that…not much happening. Still struggling with depression about a lot of areas here of late. The talks at work keep me above sinking level.

I am no closer to getting a car and the flags removed from my license than I was months ago. Some of you can relate to the no car thing so you know the mindset it can out one in.

Still feeling lonely but my Township game is keeping those feelings at bay somewhat. I am not like Paul though. I want, crave and need a female companion for the right reasons!

I’ve chatted with Angie a few times this week as Friday would have been Matthew’s 22nd birthday. I always talk about Matthew with her when I can. You can just see her smile through the phone despite the sadness of missing him.

Her wrist is better but we are still not sure how the physical therapy is going to feel. Not good I’m sure.

Brandon has gone to an Extreme Tricking event in New Orleans for the weekend. Hopefully this will help with flips he has been trying with his kicks in Taekwondo 😮

I’m thinking of sharing two new Bible studies in the next few weeks, another chapter in the Mirror Series, another post on the problems in the world and one on feeling Forsaken…if my hands and mind can coordinate with each other.

Have a great week everyone!


16 thoughts on “Stu’s World XXXV”

  1. Cool about sharing how God works. When you know the Bible, well, God’s Word is powerful, dividing between the joints and marrow. It goes where we cannot, and the Spirit leads it to places we don’t even know about.
    God bless your week, Stu.

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    1. Thanks Kathy. It was actually funny looking at their faces when all was said and done. One of them came up to me later and goes Stu, I had no Idea you could preach. I giggled. I said I don’t preach…I just explain it on a real level is all. He and I talked for a bit longer about other topics as well. It was cool 😊

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