This World Is So Screwed Up!

WARNING!!! This post will have things that will make you uncomfortable. That’s the point!

There are some sick twisted perverted people in this world.

A young child raped 100 times in a freaking Mosque, a Muslim church, by four men. He was only taken to the hospital because he was so brutally beaten that tears of blood were coming from his eyes😠

Husbands filming their wives being gangbanged (having sex with multiple men at once) and posting it on porn sites 😠

Rainbow parties by teenagers to decide which girl can date which boy. Each girl puts on a different shade of lipstick. Goes down on a guy. And which ever girl wearing the lipstick that took more of the boys penis in her mouth gets to go out with him. That’s before they even kiss! 😠

And it’s not just men doing these things…

A lot of porn producers are female with just as little remorse as men to the lives they destroy😠

Wives will film their husbands having sex with other women or even men and share those videos on line. 😠

Women are just as guilty of sex-trafficking as men are.

Teenagers eating laundry soap and sucking condoms through their noses and having them come out their mouths 😮

Young and old alike selling their bodies, doing unimaginable things, for their next fix😭

Women killing their babies for no other reason than the child demands too much of their time or it will not quit crying.

Men raping two year olds😠

Drive by shootings that endanger everyone around with no remorse for where any of the bullets go 😠…killing not only the target but children as well.

Women leaving their newborn child in a dumpster, a ditch or on the side of the road in a trash bag😠

husband is facing a 16-year prison sentence after he beat his wife into a coma, filming it so that he could show off to his friends that he had control of her. She sadly dies six days later. His reason…she wanted to leave…(the link is above but be warned it’s not a pretty site!

Drunk fathers shooting their kids because said child drank the last Dr Pepper in the fridge 😠

And let’s not forget the lizard man and others who feel the need to mutilate their bodies to the point wherr only a circus would hire them (ok…maybe that’s being judgemental a little…but come on…what the freak?!?

You know, honestly, it just makes me think some people should not be breeding or their own dad should have pulled out early or something.

And yet, God can redeem these people!!? He can use their stories!

And considering how bad things are getting, stories of redemption from hell are exactly what is needed to keep the next generation from taking things father than they are now!

He has been using murderers, adulterers, and prostitutes for centuries! The thing is they realized the error in their ways!

And if God can use me…a man who went through so much sexual misconduct it’s not even funny and verbally murdering people with his tongue…then He can certainly redeem and use those types of people listed above.

*The image is a photo of one of Brandon’s paintings. I just played with the filters and added the wording. ©Something To Stu Over

10 thoughts on “This World Is So Screwed Up!”

  1. Father, holy is your name. Your kingdom come and your will be done on earth. May all those that are victims of sexual abuse be healed and know Jesus their Savior, Healer and King. Open the eyes of the addicted so they are convicted and change. Thank you Father that nothing is impossible with you. We pray this in the wonderful name of your Son Jesus! Amen

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  2. YES, our world is in a horrible mess right now. Thank GOD, that HE hasn’t turned completely away. JESUS came for all of us……..ROMANS 3: 12 “…….there is no one who does good, not even one.” Thank you JESUS that you WILL come one day to restore our wretched world. Hard subject to write on Stu, but excellent points!

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    1. Yes, it was hard. I cried reading up on some of these things.

      But Jesus did come to set ALL of humanity free! And we are seeing more and more people turning to Him of late 😊


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