Stu’s World XXXIII

What an end to a year and the beginning of a new one…lol.

First work day of the New Year and I miss it because my fellow employee can not handle his liquor apparently. Every time we have an extended time off he misses the next two days back. This time I missed my holiday pay, which means a few bills will not get paid this month…πŸ™

New year’s Eve I was able to chat with Angie for a few. Both boys were off work so she got to spend time with them. My kids were off at parties so I just watched movies. I stayed up long enough to send Angie and the kids a Happy New Year text and went to bed. I lead such a boring life…at times…lol

Erin’s Christmas present finally came in…

She loved it 😊

Brandon came over New year’s Eve to play with Mickey for a bit and he stayed with me Friday. We did M&M art…

He enjoyed watching the dye flow. He took a few pictures and is using one of them as his phones home screen 😊

Mickey is growing. He’s a sweet puppy who acts more like a cat than a dog by staying between my legs all the time. He follows me everywhere I go. And I can not for the life of me get him to stop pulling my clothes off the chair or my socks down from anywhere in the house. It is driving me nuts.

Brandon asked if he could shave my head. Normally I have let him shave my head since he was like five. But I told him no. He goes but it needs to be done. K, how about you just trim it all with the clippers. He agreed and asked me why I haven’t shaved in like forever. I told him I just don’t see the point. I’m not dating. I’m not even looking, so no one will be touching my face any time soon.

I think I’ve accepted the fact I could very well be alone for a long time…if not forever. I don’t go to bars. I do not go to church as a means to pick up chicks either.

And the one I do want to be with I can’t even go see. Very aggravating to say the least. But it is what it is. Not our time despite my wishes.

I have signed up for a new affiliate program that I want to share with you all. Just know that if you purchase anything I do get a kickback for the referral. The company is called Married Is Great Clothing. They have fun, retro-style clothing that celebrates the amazing gift of marriage. Featuring a variety of shirts, hoodies & fun accessories!

Click this link and check out what they have to offer! Thanks!!

Just wanted to give y’all a quick update. I pray we all have a truly blessed 2020. Let’s continue to lift each other up in prayer this year.

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