My Post Picks For December 2019

I’ll be honest. I haven’t read much this month. I just haven’t felt like reading. Have any of you been there?

Honestly, I have not felt like doing much of anything this month other than work and spending time with the kids. My draft folder is getting bigger with ideas just not finished works. It’s been an emotional month for me with those visions I talked about and the loneliness of the holidays.

But what I have read touched me deeply and the one that hit me the deepest was from a precious πŸ” in My Life With Gracie…Immersed In The Joys Of Life. This is what brought tears to my eyes and made me out my phone down, bow my head and pray…”Life is a gift. You cannot give it to yourself. It is given to you. Where there is a gift, there is always a giver. Life is a gift with a purpose, and that purpose is to make more gifts.

John, thank you brother for being a vessel through which the Lord can use. You broke through and showed me a selfish side of myself I need to work on.

Of course there was Deb’s post that I have already shared about How The Littlest Angel Turned Sobbing To Joy.

Amy’s post The Whole Truth took so much strength to write about a very personal, private struggle…abortion. And I will be the first to say that out of tragedy will come a ministry for God. Ladies, if any of you are contemplating abortion or have had one and are dealing with the guilt/shame please reach out to Amy. Let her minister to you out of love and not condemnation. (Hope you don’t mind me saying this Amy!)

My brother from up North gave many of us a wonderful heartfelt Christmas Card in Let The Word Press. I am amazed at how he integrated us all into a seamless story!

Mitch’s Are Christians Hypocrites is the most honest and real look at hypocrisy within the church. I love this!

Tom’s Pornography Is Not A Willpower Problem is simply put a must read for anyone struggling with porn! A great read for you all that have loved ones struggling or you just simply want to prepared in case. If you are involved in youth at all I highly suggest reading!

And my friend J at Hot, Holy & Humorous and Chris at Forgiven Wife have started a new men’s ministry called Knowing Her Sexuality. You will find more info on this new ministry in J’s post Can Men Really Understand Women’s Sexuality. I sincerely trust these two ladies as I have followed them for years and know their heart for sex in marriage the way God intended.

I absolutely loved Kristian’s view on marriage in her wonderful post Marriage Is Hard!

As we head into 2020 Saania shares that we should indeed be Embracing Change

One More Thing…Before The Year Ends by my dear sister Nash tells us to not have unconfessed sin in our lives as it will hinder our walk into the new year. I completely agree. May we all take inventory of ourselves and confess and ask for forgiveness even for those things we are uncertain are sinful.

My dear friend and sister Ch..Purple Rose reminds us that It’s Okay…

I hope everyone has a safe and fun New Year’s! Don’t party too hard!

25 thoughts on “My Post Picks For December 2019”

  1. Thanks Stu. And I don’t mind in the least. What you wrote brought tears to my eyes.
    What you deal with, with the visions is something that messes with me alot too. I believe it’s anxiety. Bind it in Jesus name!

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  2. Yup, I’ve been there. πŸ˜”

    I hear ya on the drafts! I’m gonna start carrying a notebook with me and writing as I get ideas/paragraphs if I can remember them long enough to get them on paper. πŸ˜‚ I think that will be easier than trying to keep going back to my blog when I can and finish a post. I forget so much of what I was gonna write! 😬

    Thank you for the shout out! ☺ You’re so funny. πŸ˜‚ I know y’all wanna use my real name. πŸ˜‰ I LOVE my name. I might change my mind someday and use it. Then again, I would be afraid to write anything too personal. πŸ€” I’m not as bold as you are brother Stuart!

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    1. That’s part of my problem. I can’t remember what the Lord gave me if I don’t write it right then.

      You’re welcome. It’s just natural to want to use your name. That’s all.

      You are as bold as I am. You just care what others think more than me. Some of my family reads my blog, some of my ex wife’s friends read it and some of mine and Angie’s mutual friends read it. I just don’t care if any of them feel I have shared something too personal. 99 percent of them know my back story for the most part and if they learn something new about me then that will help them understand me better πŸ€ͺ

      I just have to be careful when I’m writing something I am passionate about like sex and marriage because I can get carried away. There are some things I may never write about, but then again I might if I feel His promoting to do so.

      Like in the Mirror series I may open up a little more about certain things as I do feel they are more relevant now with everything going on with Brandon.

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      1. Yassss! It’s like it just disappears if I don’t write it down.🀦

        You are welcome to use my name anytime you want. 😎

        I do care… too much! πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜“πŸ˜­πŸ˜¬

        Ohhhhhh, yes!!!! I would love to read more about your story and anything you feel like sharing.

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  3. Thank you, Stu. I really appreciate your kindness. Gracie and the others and I are wishing you a very joyful New Year, one in which you will be immersed in the Joys of Life in Christ Jesus, Our Lord.

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    1. It was my pleasure! A wonderful post. May we all see life as gift from God treat it as such!

      Thank you for the well wishes for the new year. May we all share that Joy with all we come in contact with. Happy New Years brother!

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