Sunday Music: Michael Sweet | Better Part Of Me

Who can say this song does not apply to themselves?

I doubt but maybe a few who are not in some way reaching for the worldly things they see. Maybe a monk on a mountain with no contact with anyone…at all and no electronics whatsoever.

But for most of us it a daily struggle between trying to please God and denying ourselves.

I’m one of those weird guys who does not want a lot of things. A modest house, a car, someone to love me and a job that allows for needs to be met. I don’t care about the newest gadget, car, boat, gun, etc.

At moment I am blessed with a house and a job. The other two are in God’s hands at moment.

But, one thing I have noticed since rededicating my life to the Lord is that the more I seek His holiness the less I worry about the other stuff.

But I do still seek the worldly things.

I still seek the approval of man…we all do to an extent.

I do want a house that is not falling apart at the seams. But to move requires transportation not only to move but to be able to come see the kids every night.

Heck, I want a DVD player that doesn’t skip!

The desire to be with Angie will always be present.

So see I have the worldly desires but…

The better part of me is actually Him shining through helping me walk in integrity with a humble heart.

May we all seek the better part of ourselves…the Lord!

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