Sunday Music: Rob Rock | I’m A Warrior

This song has been on my mind for a while now. I have been meaning to share it for months but as you all know I get lost in my music and something else will hit. So in order to not get sidetracked to much…lol…I have only listened to this song.

I have been searching for that one version of Rob singing this song live several years ago where he says I’m a warrior under God’s command, but alas I have yet to find it. There are a gazillion videos of this song on YouTube. Maybe it’s been deleted ☹️

A powerful anthem from the voice of metal!

Are you a warrior?

One who is willing to hold out their hand to a lost and dying world and say hey, I know the way. Let me tell you how to be free. Allow me walk beside you.

One who continues to rise no matter how often they fall…

One who hits their knees in prayer for those they live…

Several of you have called me a warrior here of late. I read Laura’s comment this morning and it brought me to tears.

I just see me. A guy who doesn’t hide behind a facade any more. A guy who admits when he falls and asks for prayer to keep going. A guy who wants to be a better dad and father figure to his kids. A man who loves deeply and only wants what is best for those he loves. A man, who humbly accepted the Lord into his life and wants to simply finish the race strong.

For those who see me as a warrior. I humbly thank you for seeing me as such. Your encouraging words mean more than I could express.

Have a blessed week!

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