Sunday Music: Close Your Eyes | Valleys

This song right here is honestly what kept me going day in and day out pushing through my addiction to porn, my divorce, the thought of losing my kids for good and just being tired of falling back down into the unrelenting attacks of the enemy.

I had those high and lows. There for a while there was no middle ground for me. I was either on top of the mountain enjoying life and God with joy in my heart or I was in the valley look up wondering can I get back up there.

But I must tell you this…it is those times spent in the valley that I learned so much about myself…about the man I didn’t want to be.

And even today in the valley I am in…I am still standing…I’m still screaming. Screaming to God at times and at other times screaming out His word to others whose valley is deeper and darker than my own. For I have walked in their shoes.

That valley of anguish and despair is so dark at times. One is looking for a light to shine in the darkness…somewhere…anywhere…to offer the thing most needed… HOPE!

*This is a prelude to a post I will soon be working on. A post that started with a vision I had from a comment Kathy made on an earlier post.

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