My Post Picks For November 2019

Many of you know how deeply I care for Angie and what she means to me. Also many of you know that despite my singlehood I deeply believe in marriage and what it stands for. That is why I am starting off this month’s post picks with Julie’s post When Your Marriage Gets Quiet of how her husband takes the lead. I absolutely love this post and I am so thankful Julie was willing to share this🙂

Next up we have Melissa’s wonderful Believer Or Follower – Which Are You? post. Her five points are spot on! There are a lot of nuggets to take from this post. Please take an inventory of yourself after reading.

My friend J from Hot, Holy & Humorous has always been a blessing for me. Yes, her blog is for women. But her stance on marriage and sex the way God designed it to be has brought many men to her blog. Prayerfully many of these men are learning what intimacy looks like inside and out of the bedroom. One of her latest posts has 4 Principles That Christian Bloggers Should Affirm About Sex and I completely agree with her!

Jordan’s post If You Want To Get Up, Tell Them To Get Out is a great reminder that sometimes you just have to let people go. You need folks speaking life into you and not the ones sucking the life out of you!

Caleb’s Rethinking My Obedience To God shares his thoughts on the idolatry of self and sin. Go check out this young man’s blog. You will not be disappointed!

My northern brother Warren has always been an inspiration to me. Every post I have read has had meaning to me in one way or another. The Message; Waiting definitely hit me during this season I’m in. Then his Fun Friday: The Logical Approach was another post that seems to speak to me deeply.

Would You Be Free From The Burden Of Sin is just a wonderful reminder from Renee that there IS power in the blood of Christ! Then she turns right around and reminds that if we Fall Down Seven Time, Stand Up Eight. Go check both of these out 🙂

Ok young readers, you may want to skip this one…

Wait, who am I kidding? If you are going to learn about oral sex and sex in general, I would rather it be from a source I trust. One with a Christ centered ministry. One whose heart is FOR marriage, true intimacy in and out of the bedroom, and great sex for both husband and wife.

With that said here is Ruth’s post My Husband Wants To Finish Where?. I love how Ruth handled what some deem as a sensitive topic and agree with the message within this post.

Awaken Love offers classes, speaking engagements and their blog to offer help for engaged couples and married couples who are looking for real answers and help them discover God’s design for sex.

I hope everyone enjoys these wonderful posts! I hope the encourage you in your walk with God, marriage and yeah sex life!

Have a great week everyone!

Remember to pray for one another this week!

17 thoughts on “My Post Picks For November 2019”

  1. Thanks Stu for highlighting my posts! As you know, a comment you made sparked some deep thinking on my part, and then I believe the Lord spoke to my heart to share what I had been through. We all need to know there is hope and overcoming power in His Blood! I will check out these other wonderful posts that you shared. It’s no coincidence that I finished the second part to “Would You Be Free From your Burden Of Sin” this morning and thought I had published it earlier…But discovered that I had only updated, not published…🤦‍♀️😂 It’s called, “Would You Be Whiter, Much Whiter Than Snow?” Thank you again so much! God Bless!

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    1. You are very welcome. It is interesting how a comment can get us thinking. Kathy commented on one of the daily inspirational posts that out a vision in my head so deep I started to tear up. I’m going to try to write about what I saw if the words will come out right.

      Yes, everyone needs hope!

      I read that one just a little while ago 😊 A wonderful post.

      Hahaha…I do the opposite. I’ll publish it thinking I’m just updating and then have to fix it 😊

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      1. It’s true that we are all a network helping and inspiring one another.
        That is awesome how that happened with a comment from Kathy! Please try to share! 🙂
        That has always been a scary thought for me posting before I’ve edited after I did it one time! Without my glasses on, I have to be careful!
        And thanks for reading. 🙂

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