Sunday Music: Scott Stapp: Only One

I’m sitting in the living room on the couch drinking coffee and eating M&M’s.

Earlier today I read a post by Deb about an angel and it brought back memories of reading the Frank Peretti novels and how the demons and angels fight an unseen war.

I started listening to songs about spiritual warfare, because that is what I wanted to share after reading that post. Deliverance was my go to band with This Present Darkness. Didn’t feel right. I could not share their song Weapons Of Our Warfare again. I moved on to the band Believer and their song Extraction From Morality. That one didn’t feel right and it’s way too heavy for most of you anyway.

Then I was drawn to this song. It’s not really about spiritual warfare per se. For me it’s a love song that says I will fight for you. I will have your back. I will not give up on you!

Maybe I was drawn to this song because of Angie and the fact that she knows she can always count on me to be there fighting for her in prayer. She knows I will never give up on her. I can’t God told me not to.

Well…ok…it is a spiritual warfare song. And as long as I am alive, together or not, I will be the first hand reaching out and the last one giving up.

I take her to God daily often with tears as I pray for her safety and healing.

Do you have a friend that you would never give up on? A friend that you take to the Lord when prompted by the Holy Spirit?

At that moment…when you hit your knees…you become a warrior. And when you speak, you send angels into battle over your friend. Pray hard. Those prayers are what gives angels power to overcome the evil that is attacking your friend.

6 thoughts on “Sunday Music: Scott Stapp: Only One”

  1. Blessings my friend, thank you for sharing my post, as I read your story today I pray you know you are a warrior when you hit your knees, how blessed and powerful are we, when we go to battle, for our loved ones, strangers and friends. Giving up isn’t an option, as all things are possible with God, I praise God, and I bind with your prayers for Angie’s safety and we’ll being in Jesus name.

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  2. Thank you for sharing this wonderful song. It is very symbolic for me too. God is like this for me too. I have a friend I cannot give up on and always in my prayers even though there are times I would like to walk away and if I did they would have no true friend. God urges me to always be there for them. It is a spiritual warfare going on and we must summons the Holy Angels and Holy Archangels into battle for us. We have to learn who to call and why and what their remit is from God to help us battle. This has been my study with God for many years. There are Holy Angels to fight the Jezebal and Ahab spirits the one who interfere with dreams making them lustful and porn etc. Holy Angels – Senoy, Sansenoy, Semangelof. Holy Angels of the First Heaven the owners of Sovereignty. We needs these to remove the power of evil people and give more power to those who are sinking to maintain their sovereignty.

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