Mirror Series Part IV

So many memories are held in this place. I remember playing in all these boxes looking for “lost” treasure. Until that one day I found something that was more like someone’s “hidden” treasure.

Though looking back on it now…that was no treasure at all.

Oh, it was someone’s treasure!

Ok, how in the heck could a deck of cards with naked women be a treasure?

It was not the cards that was the treasure, but rather the women displayed!

What in the world are you talking about? They are just women posing nude and some dude put them on a deck of cards!

That is where you are sorely wrong. They are NOT just women!

I know you have read the Bible that your grandmother gave you. Did you just skip over certain verses or what?

No, I didn’t skip over versus though I must say it does seem outdated and not relevant in today’s society.

Oh, did you just open a can of worms for yourself!

I don’t have time for this! I have to get my mind right so hopefully my wife will allow me back in our house when this weekend trip is over.

You do have time and we will address your concerns of getting your mind right. But first let’s get back to topic of the cards you so nonchalantly think are just women.

Have you not heard or read in the Bible that I created you in your mother’s womb?


What about the part where you are wonderfully made?


What about where it says my thoughts of you are so great that you can not count them?


Do you think that only applies to you and not everyone?

Well no…

Ok. So I created those women and my thoughts of them are precious and incomprehensible to the human mind. Do you really think I don’t love them just as I love you?

Of course you do. You are God!

Ok, I’ll let that one slide. What about those women’s parents? Do you believe they are a treasure to them?

Of course!

Good answer! Well guess what? Those women whose parent’s treasure them are also loved and treasured by me!

And I have plans for each of them. To prosper them and give them a life filled with my love, mercy and forgiveness. Just as I have done for you.

So NO, they are not JUST women posing nude for a photo. And I certainly did not create them to be gawked at and masturbated to by a bunch of boys or men!

They are my treasures and they are priceless and I can’t reach their hearts if men think of them as just a toy to be played with!

Well, I can one day when they get tired of being treated as such and are desperate for unconditional love.

Ok…ok..I’m sorry for saying that. That was wrong of me. But…that’s the way I viewed them as far back as I can remember. Just a toy, as you said, to be used for my pleasure.

And that has nothing to do with your mind like you think. It’s your heart. It’s always been a heart issue not a head issue! You’re not the only one to not grasp that concept. This goes back to the beginning of time when the devil tempted Eve with the fruit.

Ok, then how do I change my heart?

You’re not ready yet.

Yes, I am!!!

NO, you’re not! Trust me. You say you are but that’s just because your wife caught you basically with your pants down. But you my child are not ready. You will be before this weekend is over. We are not done here…

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6 thoughts on “Mirror Series Part IV”

    1. Thank you Kathy. A lot of this series from the man’s perspective is my story that I haven’t shared. I thought I was ready. God had much to tell me before I broke down in tears and was truly ready to repent and change.

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