Sunday Music: Theocracy | Laying The Demons To Rest

Again today, I get lost in the music. I’ve been sitting here for hours going from band to band song to song…just lost and yet finding myself again.

One of my favorite secular bands is Dream Theater and to have a Christian progressive metal band is awesome! Theocracy fits that bill nicely. There are others but I don’t like the vocals or the lyrical content is not what I need. For me, Theocracy, has it all. Music, lyrics and vocals.

Their song I Am is just freaking awesome. Sort of reminds of Savatage’s album Wake of Magellan!. I’ll save that song for a later date because this one is for me now…today.

I have chosen the video with the lyrics so those of you who don’t like metal/rock can turn the volume down and just read the lyrics.

Oh, how many times have I told God He would have to fight for me today as I’m too tired from all the other relentless battles the enemy has thrown at me over the years. And yes, sometimes my will does get in the way!

Those talons hurt and know exactly where to strike to cause the most pain.

It didn’t matter where I was, where I went the attacks stayed constant. When your weakness is sex related it’s dang near impossible to get away! One must become a hermit or a fighter. I did both.

Heck, I still do both. But I fight more than I stay reclusive! I have to fight!

It’s not just my relationship with God at stake. It’s my kid’s relationship! My friends relationship! Angie’s relationship and possibly some of yours!

No, they are not dependant upon me and my fights with the Spiritual world that manifests itself in the physical. BUT, if one person sees me struggle and knows that I don’t just give into those temptations then maybe…just maybe…they will have the strength to keep fighting their demon too!

Or when I do give in, as I shared earlier, that I get right back up, dust myself off and keep pressing forward.

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