Sunday Music: Tourniquet | If I Was There

Originally I was going to share the song Broken Chromosomes, which along with You Get What You Pray For are my favorite songs by Tourniquet, but I kept coming back to this one.

Maybe I needed this today or maybe there is another out there…someone who is angry and hurting or simply scared of what life is throwing at them at moment.

Maybe someone feels as if no one loves them. All their “friends” have left their side during a struggle.

My friends, I have been through enough crap in my life. I know what it feels like to curse God for all the things He is allowing to happen. I know what it’s like to be scared because of things happening. I know what it’s like to lose someone dear. I know what it feels like when it takes all your strength just to mentally get out of bed and face the day.

And yet that same God I cursed for everything is the same God you sent His son to die on that cross for me and my sinfulness!

And as I sit here this morning I close my eyes and reflect upon Calvary and Jesus’ unfailing love for me. Who would I have been had I been there? I can’t say for sure.

But I can say that today I am so grateful for Calvary and God’s love for me. For without God’s love and that cross my life would be a living hell.

He saved me!

He loves me!

And despite the loneliness of not having someone here with me physically to love and cherish I am not alone. God is always beside me even when it feels like He’s not!

Do not lose hope in life!

Cry, scream or whatever you need to. God is big enough to take it. He loves you so much! And eventually…one day…we will all look back at the hardships and say thank you for allowing me to endure that and come out the other side. Thank you for being there and thank you for loving me!

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