Death Of A Loved One: Six Years Later

November 9th 2013 was a very sad day for a lot of dear people in my life…

It was the day this beautiful, crazy, loving and caring woman received her calling card from the Lord to come home.

This woman, the mother of my best friend Joey, became a mom to me as well.

It’s sort of weird that even though Joey and I talked to our own mom’s about our problems we would each go to one another’s mom’s as well. Many a discussions were made about life, love, sex, work and just everyday stupidities. Her advice was always spot on. And many times it was just her ear and a hug that I needed. She was always so willing and happy to do those two things.

Listening to her share things with me about her life was a hoot and sad sometimes but always special!

I really miss those treasured moments with Mom.

Is she is in heaven saying those are my boys with a big grin on her face as she looks down and watches Joey and I live out the remainder of our time until we get that calling card to go home?

Or is she up there looking at God with that look that says what the crap is wrong with those two?

I don’t know. I just hope she is proud of the men we are becoming.

Miss you mom!

Death Of A Loved One is about the day I got the call from Joey saying mom is not doing well…

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