Mirror Series Part III

What are you looking at?

A woman who seems to have just had her world explode..

Now…it all makes sense!!

What makes sense? The fact that you are still wearing all that stuff you were wearing the other day when you found out?

No, not that. Everything else!

K…explain it to me.

Well, for starters his lack of interest in my body. He used to get all excited just seeing me half naked and now there is no reaction at all, even if I’m fully naked and standing in front of him!

He was so attentive in the beginning of our relationship even before we got married. But now…it’s almost like he is not even there despite the fact he is sitting right there beside me.

Most times there is no cuddling and when we get ready to have sex…well it’s just sex.

What do you mean just sex?

He no longer gives massages. He would always take his time pleasing me completely. We would spend hours on what everyone calls foreplay. Now it’s just he gets hard and gets off. And then just falls asleep where we would always cuddle afterwards.

His porn problem has killed the intimacy in our marriage!

But what about the intimacy in other areas?

What other areas?


Sha…almost non-existent! We barely talk about his work anymore.


Hahahaha…yeah right! He never even asks how I am feeling any more and it’s so aggravating because I want to share things with him but it’s like he doesn’t care!


Oh heck no! How can there be a spiritual intimacy when he is doing what he is doing. It’s sickening! It’s disgusting and wrong!!

This is true. It is not how I designed marriage to be much less sex. You know what you need to do right?


You need to pray for him while he is away.

What?!?! Pray for him, why? What’s the point? I can’t…not right now.

Yes you can. If you love this man then you will pray for him. You both are going through a season in your marriage. His struggle is not just his. Because you are married and dear child of mine the struggle is yours too!

How can his problem possibly be my problem too?!?

Remember in my Word where it states your battle is not with flesh and blood but against principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness in this world and against spiritual wickedness. Your enemy is not your husband. It’s the devil. And he is full of hate! He does not want your marriage to grow and mature because I created it.

I on the other hand want it grow and thrive. I want you both to grow and thrive.

So…yeah…the battle is yours too!

Ok, that makes sense! I will try praying for him. But what if I can’t?

Then just cry…I will know what your tears are saying. Trust me I will be right here waiting for you…

*To be continued…

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