Every Female In America Is A #MeToo Including Your Mom, Wife, Sister And Daughter

You know something…I don’t normally jump on the bandwagon…per se. But this #MeToo thing that is going around social media to raise awareness of just how big sexual harassment and sexual abuse is, is so worth me writing about.

I have several of friends who have actually posted the #MeToo post on Facebook. Some of them have shared some of their story and yet many just have posted #MeToo just to show that they too have been sexually harassed or abused.

I, personally, applaud them for their bravery!

And yet, at the same time I’m sorry that they had to be brave during, after and even now over something a man did or said to them that was inappropriate.

Here’s the thing I don’t get. There are men out there thinking what’s the big deal! Some are even thinking back to a time where they themselves did something inappropriate to a young lady in school, at church, at work or even to their spouse. And they see nothing wrong with it.

That type of thinking actually pisses me off.

Because its plan wrong. No exceptions at all! NONE!

Let’s take a look at a few shall we.

Rape is wrong regardless of the situation!

Drugging a woman, to the point she has no idea of what is happening to her, just so a man can get his rocks off with wrong! It’s both a crime and a sin. Raping a woman does not give you control/power…in my eyes..well, for lack of a better word…it makes you a coward.

I’ve had friends who have been raped…by their husband. I won’t go into details, but yes…it does happen. And I will not go into the reasons why a wife may so no to sex.

But No, means No!

Guys, your wife, is not your lesser half, she is your equal. Scripturally speaking you have no more power over her body than she has over yours. Don’t abuse your precious gift God gave you. You are to treasure her…not abuse her.

Speaking sexual things to a co-worker or any other female is also inappropriate.

Heck, unsnapping a teenage girls bra while walking down the hallway at school is wrong. It embarrasses her. It can humiliate her. And then other guys, usually, will turn to look. And then thoughts run in their mind. So, in essence you have sinned twice. You hurt the young girl/lady emotionally and you caused someone else to stumble.

And what about those wandering eyes men have…
Lust is a sin.

What about the woman who chose to wear a loose-fitting blouse instead of a tight one. She notices you staring and puts her hand over her blouse to block your view. Women can wear whatever they want to wear guys. It’s your responsibility to not look and lust. And if you constantly are looking that is sexual harassment.

What about that lady that you are holding a conversation with and the whole time you are talking to her…not once did you look her in the eye with respect but rather you are looking her over from head to toe and back up again? Do you think that is sexual harassment? It is!

What about the times you slapped you waitress on the butt as she walked away? Doesn’t matter if you are drunk or not…sexual harassment! And just downright disrespectful!!

Do you think calling one of your coworkers names of endearment like honey, sweetie or baby is a form of sexual harassment? I do.

What about when you place your hand on a female co-workers shoulder as you bend over her to look at what she is working on? Yep…sexual harassment and an invasion of space.


What about that woman you intentionally brush up against? You lightly touch her bottom with your hand on purpose and then have the nerve to apologize for a conscious act on your part to sexually harass her…geez.

And we wonder why a LOT of women call men pigs or dogs!!

And I could keep going and going with different scenarios. But I believe you get the idea….I am TOTALLY against sexual harassment and abuse!

Here’s the thing men…we are to treat women with respect. They are NOT play things. Seeing women as sexual beings is a given because they are, just like we are. BUT just because she is female does NOT give you the right, as a male, to abuse her sexually, visually, verbally or physically. Period!

Think on this verse for a few minutes guys and let it sink in…deeply sink in.

Now that you have thought on that verse, let me say that a deed is an action that is performed intentionally or consciously. So can you, as a male, consciously sexually harass or abuse another woman and yet follow that verse? Of course not.
So stop your thoughts before they become deeds, which not only harms you but others as well


Check out this amazing post on the #MeToo movement by Melody over at Mama Crossroads entitled #MeToo: A Place To Start. Melody gives a lot of resources for those who have been sexually molested, abused, harassed and/or trafficked as well as a history lesson on how it all began a decade ago.

Another awesome post entitled Courage After Sexual Harassment: What To Do After #metoo on the #MeToo movement from Bonny over at OysterBed7 where she gives some great advice on what to do after the harassment happens.

A great article I ran across yesterday is When Abba’s Daughters Cry #MeToo by Walking With Shiloh where she allows her heart to truly speak. And asks a very valid question “Can you see us?” Do we, men, see women for the beautiful creature God created and the gifts He gave them or do we see them only as play toys for our imagination or worse?

A Pastor’s Response To #MeToo: 3 Thoughts For Men is brought to us by Pastor Dave Barringer. In this post, he shares the Good Samaritan analogy where we have a tendency to “walk by” the wounded and not offer any support. And we, as believers, can not afford to do this any longer. We should be setting the standard for the world…not the other way around.

I can’t say enough about this post by J over at Hot, Holy, & Humorous. So…with that said go check out What About All The Sexual Misconduct Allegations. And while you are there visiting check out her post on ‘Pigs’, Good Men and The Difference.

Also, you may want to check out this post by my friend Jessica over at Be Fully Well where she gives a statistical glimpse into abuse and advice on healing entitled How Does Sexual Abuse Impact Those You Love?

Here is a post that reminds us all that sexual abuse and yes, marital rape still exists in what should be the safest place…the marriage bed. WARNING!! this post could be a trigger for some as she, like me, doesn’t hold back. So…with that said go check out I Will Not Be Silenced #MeToo. While you’re at Ding Dong the Divorce is Done give some love.

* I wrote this during the *height” of the #MeToo movement. Sadly it is still relevant if not more so as more and more teens and pre-teens are struggling with porn, having sex way too early and even having rainbow parties to decide which girl they will go out with. It just breaks me heart what is happening in this generation of young people.*

9 thoughts on “Every Female In America Is A #MeToo Including Your Mom, Wife, Sister And Daughter”

  1. I agree with part of your post, but I must say that the #MeToo movement scares me for the sake of the men who can be wrongly accused and immediately thought to be guilty. As a woman, I can see some of my fellow women using this as a weapon. Sex should never be weaponized, either men v. women or vice versa. I’m not sure that I believe everyone who says that they were raped. The Kavanaugh hearings really turned me off of the #metoo movement.

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    1. You are correct Vickie. A lot of people, both male and female have been falsely accused of sexual harassment. I also agree with you on the rape thing. Some do cry wolf. But the movement did open a lot of people eye’s and for that I am thankful.

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  2. Like Vickie, I think women can sin in this realm just as much as men do.
    Please understand: I agree wholeheartedly with your post, and I thank you for putting it out there. I’m just sharing another aspect.
    1 Cor 10.23 All things are lawful for me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but all things edify not.
    Let’s apply this to what women wear. Yes, they can wear whatever they want. But the object in some of their clothing decisions is lust. It is a type of power over men, and women lust for power as men do.
    And women can abuse the MeToo as a weapon against any man. Because of this, it becomes harder for a woman (one truly abused) to come out and accuse a man: people question her motives.
    This is another of the horrible messes we have created.

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    1. I agree Kathy. I know a lot of women who dress seductively just for the stares they get. That bothers me greatly. It is a very big power because God designed men to be visually stimulated.

      Some have abused the sexual harassment and later confessed of their lies after the man has been fired from his job and lost his family 😦

      It’s a shame really

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  3. So grateful for you bringing this issue to the forefront. It happens, a lot. And while some women may falsely accuse men, it is quite prevalent without provocation and even when told NO!

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