My Post Picks For October 2019

What a freaking month this one has been. I’ve honestly been in a dark place for most of it. Tomorrow can not get here fast enough for Stu…though I will freeze to death at work🥶

Despite my issues, I have managed to read and write a little. Such wonderful posts/stories have been shared. Many hit me exactly where I needed them to😊 Some I have included and others I have kept for reading again!

How about we just jump in shall we…I’ll go get some coffee while you read 😊

As my new blogging friend Catherine tells us to “Own Your Tears” in her wonderful post Tears…Our Endless Supply. Every drop of liquid that leaks from our eyes is valid, regardless if they are from joy or sorrow!

You may always want to check out part of her story I Was A Child Predator’s Trophy…The Horrifying Reality. Both are powerful testimonies!

My dear sister Amy is one of those bloggers who always pours her heart into each post. And every month I so want to include one of her posts because they always touch me. And well…I couldn’t hold out anymore! Here it is…What’s Right

Rachel’s post I’ve Been Hurt is just wow!

Hearts Of Stone by Laura is a wonderful post on forgiveness! Go ahead…read it now…the others will wait. I promise. See ya in a few…

See, I told you the others would wait. Hey, it’s coffee and Laura! They’ll understand 😊

This wonderful post by Melissa entitled It’s Time To Leave is one I truly feel everyone needs to read. Sometimes you just have go and leave whatever is hindering you.

The Effects Of Lies And Secrets On The Partner Or The Spouse is a very good resource for help for the sex and porn addict. But truthfully it can for any relationship that is struggling in certain areas. Thanks Don’t Lose Hope for sharing this!

Laura’s note to herself entitled Dear Me, reminds us all to NEVER settle below the standards we have set for ourselves!

Would you turn back time? Joe’s Youth And Longevity asks that very question. I know I wouldn’t…even with the knowledge I have now.

My brother Warren is another one of those who pours his heart into every post. One can immediately see his passion! Check these two out…

A Story; The Relentless Pursuit!

The Mirror

Pat share some great insight on How To Support Your Wife Who Was Abused

I’m so glad I waited til today to finalize this post because my dear sis Kathy, who rocks by the way😊, just shared a wonderful analogy about Lenses. This is one of those I’m saving for later👊

*I hope everyone enjoys these posts as I have. Maybe you get something different from them than I. That’s what is so cool about the Holy Spirit. 😊

Here’s to November and what the Lord has in store for each of us! 🙏🙏

** Photo image found on PicsArt by Sarcasmgirl.**

8 thoughts on “My Post Picks For October 2019”

  1. Wow, you read some great stuff, Stu!
    First, I really like your picture header. 😊
    Some of your picks are tough reading. I’m grateful that there is a blogworld for people to express, relate to, and share their experiences and feelings, and support and edify others..
    And thanks so much for including me!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you like the picture header 😊

      There were some great posts out there this month. And, yes, some were hard to read even for me. I feel deeply when others share their pain, especially about abused women. That’s another of those I don’t get it things.

      I’m with you on the blogworld thang! I’m thankful these men and women are sharing and making a difference! All for His glory♥️

      You’re very welcome. I saved yours to read again 😊

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  2. Thank you so much for including me, Stu! I am truly and humbly honored.💕
    Now though….what’s going on brother? How are you, really? Why so low?
    You know, we all see dark days. It’s a product of living on this side of heaven and a reminder that this is not, and not where we belong. But, we are Loved beyond words and have a Father who is bringing us through it with care, purpose and carrying us from blessing to blessing, even when we can’t see it ahead.
    I’m praying for you today…for your aid, strength, comfort through the journey and that the journey between the blessings be swift.


    1. You are most welcome Laura.

      Some of what is happening I will be sharing in the next Stu’s World post tomorrow. But suffice it to say I have slipped. I haven’t fallen. All the guys at work, basically look at porn on their phones when we are slow. Or just pictures of naked women. And they just have to come show me apparently. I guess they figure ALL men love that stuff. I don’t! I hate it with a passion. But because of what they have been showing me, my mind is drawn back to the past where I was deeply involved with sex and porn.

      I slipped one night and watched for about two minutes and the guilt of that one action is tearing me up.

      And I’ve been battling heavy to not just say screw it and watch it to get that quick fix. But I know if I do and I wouldn’t be able to stop.

      To a lot of people that’s not a dark place but for me it’s a living nightmare.

      Now it’s out in the light and not hidden. Thanks for asking how I am really! I truly appreciate that!

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      1. I’m praying for you, friend. Addiction in all it’s forms is such a mighty struggle but you know friend, our God is mightier. Remember with every temptation, God provides an escape.
        Maybe Stu, this will lead to a dialog with those same men and they’ll start keeping it to themselves or better yet, provide you the opportunity to witness to them and show them the hidden pitfalls of what they blindly believe is benign. I pray for His help in your struggle but also that He be glorified in it. Hugs

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Thank you. I have had the chance to talk to one of the guys about it and shared my thoughts and my blog with him. He understands me know. So there is that.

          Maybe this is why God placed me with this company and these men!

          Thanks for the prayers as they are truly needed!

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