Broken Promises Can Be Hurtful

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall..Humpty Dumpty had a great fall..

I’m sure everyone knows the rest of this children’s tale, but have you ever thought about how our words and promises are just like Humpty Dumpty.

When you give a promise to someone they put it on a shelf in their mind. When that promise goes unmet for whatever reason it falls and breaks. Many of those promises, fall and all the good intentions in the world can not put it back together again. And sadly, if too many fall and break trust begins to fade.


Now, I have broken many promises in my life. A lot when I was married too. And some were as simple as taking the trash out to the road so it can be picked up in the morning. But no, I got up, drank my coffee, got dressed, kissed my wife goodbye, got in my car without even thinking of the trash I said I would take out before heading to work.

Ladies, we men do not forget our promises on purpose believe me. For me I can’t remember what I said yesterday, for the most part, because I suffer from short term memory loss.

And this may come off as offensive but none is intended. We men do not have the memory of elephants like you do. You ladies can remember something we told you like 18 years ago like it was yesterday. And we’re like..huh?

Men, if we make a promise we should write it down until it is complete. And it doesn’t matter if it is a simple promise like taking out the trash, helping with the dishes tomorrow night or as big as planning your next date night.

Ladies, remind us ever so gently, as not to “nag”. Like saying “Honey, did you…” instead of ” When are you…”. Maybe even “Baby, I know you were tired last night but could you…” instead of “Would you please do what I asked you to do the other night”. It’s all in the wording and tone of your voice.

Men they really are not nagging..they just want you to keep your word. And keeping our word is part of our integrity.

Ladies, you have a lot on your plate. Trust me, I know and have the utmost respect for all you do for your husband, children, work and the home. And yet, might it not be a good idea to write those promises you have made down?

Or how about this? Get a notebook. Both of you use it. Look at it daily, cross of those things that have been completed and leave it open so your spouse can see.

That way we are both each other’s accountability partner.

22 thoughts on “Broken Promises Can Be Hurtful”

  1. I don’t do it often enough, but I know it helps the men in my family if I simply write down things I’ve asked them to do. Then they have a list to refer to, and I don’t have to “remind them” (yes, I know I sometimes nag about it *sigh*).

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  2. Humpty Dumpty….the rhyme doesn’t mention he’s an egg. I’m with ya on the short term memory loss. I dated a very quiet man once. When he spoke, you just wanted to listen. I’d mention things to him that I’d like to have done, or do, but he rarely said a word about them. When he did, they were as good as done. 🙂

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  3. “We men do not have the memory of elephants like you do. You ladies can remember something we told you like 18 years ago like it was yesterday. And we’re like..huh?” LOL So true. 😀

    Notebook? That’s good advice Stuart!

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