Friday’s Love Song: Stryper | Always There For You

Angie called me Thursday morning just to say thank you. She said I have always been there for her no matter what.

I told her she has always been there for me too. She said not lately.

I told her that whatever struggles she is dealing with are more important than mine at moment.

She wanted to let me know how much she appreciates me being there. I said I always will be.

That’s what true love does. It stays!

That’s what true friends do. They stay!

No matter what! Always there for one another!

Do you have friends like that? If you do count yourself blessed!!

Make their day like Angie did mine. Let them know that you appreciate them ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜‡

30 thoughts on “Friday’s Love Song: Stryper | Always There For You”

  1. Aww, nice post with a good message!
    I don’t listen to music anywhere near what I used to, and not even close to how you do. But here’s a bit of backstory: I grew up in the Air Force, and always moved around. Even after going out on my own, I still moved around. Gladwin, Michigan is one of the places I’ve lived the longest, and it’s where God first grabbed me. The people in Gladwin are specially close to my heart. (Your last line about letting friends know you appreciate them and how much they mean? That’s Gladwin for me.)
    So, anyway, Gladwin is closest to what I call home. There’s a rapper, famous now, from tiny little Gladwin, NF. My best friend knows him and loves him. He is a Christian, but his songs are not necessarily the “shout it out for Jesus” type. Here’s a good one:

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    1. Kathy, one day I was listening to music on YouTube and the next song starting playing. It happened to be from this same artist called, โ€œHow Could You Leave Us,โ€ by NF. When I starting listening to the story, I cried till I could not cry anymore! It was sooo sad!!!

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  2. Love this song!!! Man, I remember watching this video! It was one of my favorites. ๐Ÿ’•

    You are so right Stuart. True friends stay and they are always there for you. If you have at least ONE friend like that, you are truly blessed.

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    1. This one and Free were my favorites of their videos back in the day ๐Ÿ˜„

      Yes, one is truly blessed to have such a friend. I am blessed by having Angie in my life as well as my other best friend Joey.

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