Tell The Story Challenge: When The Snake And Man Become One And The Same

Warning! This post could be a trigger or bring back memories for some! Read at your discretion!
Renee has tagged me in John’s tell the story challenge. Yoo-hoo!! Thanks for the tag Renee! John wants scary and there is nothing more frightening than real life…

The door breaks the immense silence of the darkness as it creaks open every so slowly.

They are on a hunt. A hunt that will forever change them. They just don’t know it yet.

Man, it is dark.

Shhh…someone will hear you. We can’t lose the eliminate of surprise.

But how in the world can we find this guy if we can’t see?

Would you just shut up and listen for crying out loud…geez! Do your job.

Gotta stay focused…right. Someone’s life depends on it.

Exactly! Now let’s move out…quietly damn it.

But what they hear with their first step into the storage warehouse shakes them to their very core…a whimper.

Did you hear that? Where did it come from? That sounded like a child…

Alright…try to stay focused. It could be a stray dog that found its way in here somehow.

That is not the whimper of a dog. That’s it! Screw this I’m finding some lights.


I am focused! Focused on that sound. Stay here I’m going back to the door. There has to be a light switch somewhere.

As he gets back to the door he reaches out into the darkness that surrounds him feeling for the wall. He finds the wall and moves instinctively to the right with his hand.

But he missed where he thought the door was and finds something he was not expecting. It was cold metal. As he moves his hand across the surface he realizes that it is a cage of some sort. He freezes. He simply can’t bring himself to move as his mind starts to wonder…

Before he could move his hand he hears that whimper again. Only this time it is right in front of him. And a hand touches his! He screams!

Right about the time he screams his partner who had disobeyed his order to stay put has found the light switch.

The lights flicker for a sec. But that second will be etched into their memory forever. Then the lights flicker and stay on.


What the hell?!?

But before any words could come out of his mouth his supper did…

Standing in the light they see the inexplicable horror of young girls and boys. Some are in cages and others are just tied up in various positions along the wall or a table. The ones tied up are all naked.

Then the one that touched the officer pleaded…save us from the bad man. He’s a monster! The devil! I want to go home to my mommy...

It’s okay. Your safe now. We will get you all out of here soon and back home to your parents. I promise!

Once I saw the picture of the lizard man I had this story in my head.

Call me twisted but this a reality somewhere! Maybe not to this extreme…but probably..😡

Children are taken almost every second in the U.S. alone to be used and groomed as sex slaves. Some are used, killed and buried in the middle of nowhere or dropped in a lake.

These children come at a hefty price. I’ve of heard of 5 thousand an hour. And if there are multiple men…well you do the math😭

And it’s not the…what everyone stereotypically calls a pervert…a pedophile…that’s doing these things to children. It’s doctors, lawyers, politicians, husbands and dads that sexually abuse, rape and torture these children.

Some are filmed and posted on porn sites on the dark web. Some are photographed and the emails sent to the abuser to add to their collection.

Sex-trafficking is the biggest money making “business” in the world.

Can it be stopped?

God knows I would love to say yes it can be stopped! For the tears that He cries alone I wish I could say yes…but I can’t 😢

What we can do is pray! Pray for every kidnapped child! Pray for those who run away from their family!

If you see something strange report it immediately to the police.

Ladies, I worry about Angie everytime she goes to the store alone. She has called me while “fishy” men were following her around. Keep your phone handy. If you feel someone IS following you take a picture. When you get ready to leave have your keys in your hand. Be safe!

Children are NOT the only victims in sex-trafficking!

I will not be tagging anyone in this one sorry guys.

15 thoughts on “Tell The Story Challenge: When The Snake And Man Become One And The Same”

  1. There is a special kind of place for these sort….It hurts my heart just thinking of these babies😭…And Angie needs to get some mace if this keeps happening! I wish this was only a story…just a nightmare…not real…🤧🤧

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Great story writing skills and the way you expertly wove this serious situation into the plot.
    In the healthcare field, it’s always one of the things we have to be on the look out for.
    Women and children.

    Liked by 1 person

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